Conan Gray’s Guide to Curly Hair and Skin Care in 3 Steps

Conan Gray reveals the secrets of his skin and hair care in the latest episode of vogue‘s beauty secrets, but her regime doesn’t start with beauty products. Instead, he concentrates with a few sips of tea and a crocheted headband. “To say that my sanity rests solely on this piece of cloth would be an understatement,” he muses. “I’ve lost it many times and the times I didn’t have it were the hardest times of my life – and I’ve written albums about it.”

Gray then dabbles in skincare, peeling off a Mighty Patch hydrocolloid sticker from her cheek: “If I ever have a photoshoot or something, I’ll always wear one,” he says. The singer-songwriter, whose second album, Superache, slated for release in June, transitions to a three-step process comprised of proven CeraVe formulas: a moisturizing cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. As someone with sensitive, redness-prone combination skin, Gray says her “skincare routine is very simple because I think my skin is traumatized after everything I’ve done to it.”

Moving on to hair care, Gray explains that as a mixed-race man, it took time to discover the right hair products. Being primarily raised by her Japanese mother in Texas added to her confusion. “It’s weird because you never really know where you belong when you’re mixed race.”

Now, at 23, Gray has found the routine that works best for her curls. “I just don’t know who I would be without having very, very long hair,” he thinks. After washing, he towel-dries and applies Leonor Greyl’s styling cream: “All I know is that when I use it, my hair feels a little softer.” To detangle and lock in moisture, he opts for a leave-in conditioner applied to wet hair. He adds a bit of shaping cream before brushing the front part back and finger curled locks to their natural curl pattern.

As he gets back to skincare and applying sunscreen, Gray shares a bit of advice from his producer: “You have to take risks if you want good things to happen in your life, and it’s better feeling everything than just living your whole life. life feeling nothing at all. With lip balm, deodorant and a spritz of YSL Beauty cologne, he’s on his way – his complete look with sunglasses on her head, carefully placed to help dry her hair perfectly.

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