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The clean beauty boom has become widespread.

According to data from NielsenIQ, the movement for natural and free products has reached the mass market. The growth of these products is overindexed against sales of beauty and personal care products, which increased by 2% last year.

Anna Mayo, Customer Manager, NielsenIQ, believes the result is due as much to retailers as to consumers. “People have really taken the time and are being educated about it,” Mayo said. “There has been a lot of pressure from retailers behind it, Sephora has its own program, which is probably the most famous. Ulta has done a lot of work with their Conscious Beauty program, and Target and Walmart now have badges. “

However, claims regarding durability are also taken into account – a hot issue that Mayo expects to gain only more traction. “Where we really see things evolving in the future is around sustainability. Consumers have really embraced this mindset of their products which are ‘free-from’, and now they are looking for recyclable packaging, waterless packaging, refillable products and maybe products in glass packaging ”, she added.

Here, see a look at the growth of clean beauty, according to NielsenIQ.

  1. Total beauty and personal care increased 2 percent Last year.
  2. Paraben-free products have grown 3.6 percent, those without parabens and sulphates increased 5 percent, and those without parabens, sulfates and phthalates increased 13 percent.
  3. Altogether clean beauty has grown 8.1 percent.
  4. Among the most important attributes of the product, 40.2 percent of consumers are looking for natural ingredients.
  5. 17.6 percent of consumers are looking for environmentally friendly products.
  6. 15.8 percent of consumers are looking for recyclable packaging, while 7.9 percent of consumers are looking for reusable packaging.
  7. Gen Z buyers are 1.3 times more likely to want to try “green” products.

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