Chelsea VonChaz opens Menärchē, the first-ever menstrual care boutique experience

Chelsea Von Chaz formed his non-profit #HappyPeriod in 2015. More recently, VonChaz set out to found the first-ever menstrual care store experience, Menärchē, which will allow people to not only peacefully shop for menstrual care items, but also to learn in the process. She shared, “Menärchē is making your period care more accessible by providing a range of period-safe products and resources.”

How Chelsea VonChaz’s Mission Began

Chelsea VonChaz was a freelance wardrobe stylist, working on Issa Raeit is Insecure on HBO, when his passion for all time periods was sparked. One day she was driving between concerts and when she stopped at a red light she saw a homeless young black woman bleeding through her clothes. This got VonChaz thinking, where do you go if you’re on your period and can’t afford menstrual products?

Since then, she has made it her mission to help eradicate period poverty and break down the stigma around periods through period care donations, while properly educating students about periods. She soon learned that shelters, prisons and halfway houses are not required by law to allocate part of their budget to menstrual items, and that most shelters receive many more donations of care items. for men, such as Gillette shaving cream. There was a huge need to be ignored.

How Menärchē was born

Menärchē, which translates to “the establishment of menstruation” and is the name of someone’s first period, seems more than apt for this company. The idea for Menärchē (pronounced min-are-key) was born out of her experience with #HappyPeriod and the many people and brands she’s met over the past seven years.

VonChaz shared, “I’ve met so many amazing people who have their own menstrual care brands…I’ve noticed that over the years many times certain brands or organizations have closed down because they didn’t have their own menstrual care brands. not enough data and couldn’t reach enough customers outside of their online sales. Many couldn’t make it through store doors and ended up messaging her asking her to donate their stock to #HappyPeriod and close their shop. She wants to give smaller brands a chance to reach a wider audience, as well as educate customers about the many options available to them and how to use the products correctly.

The reason Menärchē is necessary

While people are more comfortable talking about periods than in years past, for many there is still a stigma around it. Chelsea VonChaz wanted to create a safe space where people could easily shop for menstrual care products, with someone there to answer any questions that might arise.

VonChaz explained, “There’s usually nobody in that aisle to help them. And often, that’s not even an entire aisle for menstrual care. You share space with other items like condoms, pregnancy tests, along with lube. And there will be no one to tell you how to insert a menstrual cup. There is no one out there who is going to tell you about the risks of TSS or the difference between the Playtex option and HoneyPot. The front of the Menärchē store will allow it.

Menärchē also has a social impact, part of the sales will go to #HappyPeriod. The store will also highlight many black-owned vintage care products and organizations, which VonChaz says don’t get as much love or appreciation as other brands.

Menärchē today

Chelsea VonChaz is a member of iFundWomen and received a $5,000 grant from the Caress Dream Fund through the platform. She shared, “As part of the grant, we were able to launch our crowdfunding campaign on the [iFundWomen] platform, which was really cool because I got a chance to really plan and map. Bootstrap-savvy VonChaz welcomed this exciting new approach to raising capital with open arms. She likes that this approach helps her slow down and get support along the way.

The Menärchē iFundWomen campaign is still open for funding here.

There are even tiers and incentives based on how much you donate. For example, with a pledge of $25, you can receive a periodic newspaper download. With a payment of $50, you will receive a $60 gift card to spend in store. A $250 donation gets you Menärchē merchandise and vintage merchandise, and $1,000 gets you a founding seller with priority storage.

The future of Menärchē

The Menärchē storefront will open in the spring of 2023 in Los Angeles. It will be unlike any retail space you have seen before. VonChaz explains, “My vision is not just a retail space. But also, a space to learn and bond, stocked with high-quality essentials.

In the meantime, VonChaz will host a number of pop-ups starting this fall.

You can stay up to date on all things Menärchē via their IFundWomen page and by following their Instagram page, @itsmenarche, and VonChaz’s Instagram, @chelseavonchaz.

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