CeraVe Releases Beauty Data Regarding Gen Z, Millennial Consumer Buying Trends

When it comes to skincare, 39% of those surveyed said social media prompted them to try a new product.

Social media offers more than funny memes and pictures of cats. More than half of Gen Z and Millennial Americans say they’ve been introduced to something that has changed their lives. That’s according to a new poll of 2,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 40, which found 55% say they’ve found something on social media they can’t live without.

Respondents were asked what they were enticed to buy because of social media and found that not only tech and clothing were on the list, but skin care products as well.

More than a third have been introduced to life-changing technology from their phone apps, while one in four say they’ve found their favorite underwear and lingerie.

When it comes to skincare, 39% of those surveyed said social media prompted them to try a new product.

Millennials (25-40) were the most serious about their skincare routines, at 63% vs. 57% of Gen Z respondents (18-24).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CeraVe, the survey found that dedication also seems to be paying off, with 62% of all respondents saying they are proud of their skin and feel confident in themselves.

Yet while 91% of those surveyed understand why cleaning is important, only 23% said a dermatologist would be happy with their cleaning habits.

If you are planning on falling asleep with your makeup on, you should think twice. Fifty-eight percent said they regret it when they fail to wash their face.

Despite this instant sense of regret, Millennials were the most likely not to clean their face before bed both when not wearing makeup (41% vs. 36%) and even when wearing makeup (27 % against 21). %).

And it’s no wonder they are looking for skin care tips on social media. While 64% of those who use cleansers said they knew the difference between formulas, so they could choose what’s best for their skin, 40% admitted they needed more education to understand product ingredients. Skincare videos were actually the main type of skincare content respondents engaged with online – Gen Z respondents watched them more frequently than millennials (44% vs. 35%) .

Next are makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and even pimple videos.

Regardless of where they found their favorite products, 78% of respondents agreed that they can be very specific about the products they use, with 55% saying they are picky about their cleaners for the job. face.

Half of those surveyed said they were very loyal to their face moisturizer, followed by soap (46%) and body moisturizer (36%).

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