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New Delhi: Night care is as necessary as a day care routine. Since the night regimen helps repair skin cells to ensure faster healing and accelerates skin cell regeneration. Sleeping late after partying with excessive makeup can lead to breakouts.

Neha Kant, Founder and Director of Clovia shares 5 things you should do before falling asleep after drinking and dancing all night to wake up with fresh, radiant and supple skin:

Remove all makeup smeared on your face: During the party, makeup tends to mix with sweat and dirt which can cause skin problems like acne and blemishes later on. So the first thing to do is to remove your makeup. The simplest DIY makeup remover requires one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and one tablespoon of olive oil or jojoba oil. Dab with cotton and apply it on the face. It helps remove eyeliner and mascara as effectively as foundation and blusher, leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing. Another trick is to use sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is considered a natural makeup remover that will naturally make the face shine.

Drink gallons of water: Staying hydrated is necessary for healthy skin texture. The consumption of alcohol and cocktails in the evening has a dehydrating effect on the body as well as on the skin. Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin, resulting in blackheads and whiteheads. To add hydration, one can spray pure rose water or dab it with cotton to rejuvenate the pores of the skin. Rose water gives a soothing rehydrating effect on the skin.

Pamper your skin with face serums: The convention of applying facial serums is to apply them twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. There are a variety of face serums available for all skin types. They have the added benefit of leaving the skin looking fresh, plumped and glowing. Facial serums containing hyaluronic acid with vitamin C are best for the after-party skincare regimen. Hyaluronic acid helps replenish skin to boost hydration and improve skin elasticity. Vitamin C further adds luminous, radiant and younger looking skin.

Face cream with a soft and supple touch: Face serum and face cream go hand in hand when it comes to skin care routines. One provides moisture and the other retains moisture. The best cream to apply after face serum is a cream based on Kumkumadi Tailam. Kumkumadi is suitable for all skin types but is most effective on dry and sensitive skin. Kumkumadi tailam has antiseptic, disinfectant and soothing properties. It is therefore the best precaution you can take to avoid skin problems like acne and blemishes after a long period of makeup.

Wrap it with a pink clay mask: Pink Clay helps improve skin elasticity and cell renewal. Pink clay consists mainly of Australian clay, seaweed and pomegranate. Australian clay detoxifies and brightens skin and pomegranate firms skin cells to make your skin look more radiant and youthful. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and, moreover, helps to minimize blackheads and promote a radiant and balanced complexion.

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Posted: Sunday January 16th 2022, 04:13 IST ]]> Skin at home, how can I take care of my skin? Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:39:44 +0000

If your skin looks and feels neglected, your whole well-being will be in jeopardy. It’s not like having a bad day because you can always wear a hat. You can’t get away from your face, so you might as well put in the time and research to become the best version of yourself you can be.

Skin care the requirements change depending on the person and what they do on a daily basis. If your job means you’re in direct sunlight all day, you need something with SPF protection, but if you’re an office worker who spends most of your time indoors, the External factors may have less of an impact than stress levels or the food you eat – more on that later.

Skin also changes in different seasons, so find the right products for each stage. For example, in the summer it is imperative to stay hydrated, while in the winter hydration is essential to maintain healthy skin.

It’s not just about how it looks, although that also plays a role; taking care of your skin can also help protect you against infections and illnesses, which could cost you time off and money in medical bills. It’s a little known fact that our skin is our largest organ. It is therefore essential to do our best for this.

You also need to make sure that you are using skin care products that fit your lifestyle.

If you travel a lot or work nights, you should consider these factors when looking for suitable cosmetics. It will be hard to find something that meets such diverse needs, but search online or ask an expert for safe and natural alternatives that might not be as effective but still manageable until your schedule changes. .

Even if you don’t want to overdo it, there are simple things we can all do at home, and they improve your skin and wellness, and you’ll notice the changes in a few weeks or sooner.

Eat healthy foods full of vitamins that will improve the appearance of your skin, because one thing you can do at home to make a difference is to nourish yourself properly.

Skin responds best if nourished from within, so change your diet for better results.

Eating junk food won’t help you, although many people believe that eating fast food or convenience foods whenever they feel like it will somehow improve their lives. It may taste good, but the effects are devastating.

If you find it hard to stick to a healthier diet, try preparing everything in advance, so there’s no need to search for anything unhealthy when hunger strikes before meals. Green smoothies are also quick and easy, especially if you have one every morning and again whenever unhealthy food cravings irritate you.

Eating healthy takes dedication, but watch what it does to your body by changing some bad habits into good ones. It can’t be that hard. Imagine telling yourself that when you pick up the phone or sit down in front of the TV to get up and exercise, it takes a little self-control, but choosing small changes in your habits, big things can happen.

Photo by Thai An on Unsplash

Exercise is key

How many moves does your skin get? Probably not enough! Skin cells need stimulation to thrive and grow. Otherwise, they will slow down and all sorts of problems will start to occur, such as sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Skin needs tone to stay firm because gravity is unpredictable and unavoidable. Lack of exercise means we rely on skincare products more than ever; we become our own worst enemy.

Like our body and mind, our skin needs to be worked on several times a day, which means giving it the best possible chance at staying active. Even if you work in an office, there are plenty of exercise options that can get your heart pumping and your muscles moving even when you’re seated. but be sure to get up every hour or so at least to stretch your legs and back.

Exercise should also improve your mood because movement releases endorphins, which is another reason why healthy living is essential to well-being. Exercise promotes circulation, builds muscle mass, reduces fat cells, and blood vessel damage can be slowed. More activity means reduced stress levels and cellular repair improves by removing waste products, including toxins.

You’ll be so much happier knowing you’re doing your best. Your skin will glow from what’s going on inside of you.

Skin care rules

Now that you’ve looked to improve your skin from the inside, let’s look at what we can do on the outside by implementing an effective skincare routine.

Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, but there are plenty of products out there that get the job done at a premium price. Research is therefore essential because it is about your skin and you need to know which ingredients you should avoid.

Don’t confuse the term “natural” with the absence of chemicals, because even natural skin care can contain additives that irritate the skin, so just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean it still suitable for sensitive skin.

Look at brands based on quality rather than price, but also check online reviews before buying something new, as not all companies will give you accurate results. Many companies make different products for different skin types, which means trial and error until we find our perfect partner.

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

Embrace self-care

Make time for yoga or meditation every day; you do not need to be an expert. The only rule is to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself.

Skincare products will do their job with regular use, but only once you’ve ignited the spark that makes us realize that life shouldn’t just be about work, because without enough sleep or relaxing time for ourselves, we won’t get the most out of our lives.

Yoga helps improve circulation by creating more oxygen in your body, which means healthier cells throughout your body, including your skin. Great skin care products work, but they do even better when combined with a healthy lifestyle. We should all embrace healthy living and self-care to give ourselves the best chance of looking good, feeling good, and living life worry-free.

How to clean makeup brushes Thu, 13 Jan 2022 02:54:03 +0000

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Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy United

We include products that we believe will be useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here is our process.

For some people, makeup brushes are a daily staple.

If this is the case for you, your brushes can do a lot of work. They can help you create the perfect crease, highlight your cheekbones, and even cover blemishes and dark circles.

But without a regular cleansing routine, these handy tools can wreak havoc on your skin.

“Over time, your makeup brushes will not only collect old makeup, but they will also collect dust, dirt, and several other substances from your desk, makeup bag, or even your floor,” says Ashleigh Scriven, make-up artist and expert in dermatology.

This means that when you use your makeup brushes, you transfer all that dirt and grime into your pores, which can cause breakouts and irritate sensitive skin.

Think of it like this: if you don’t clean your brushes, you’re not just adding a touch of highlight or pink blush to your face, but a whole host of bacteria as well.

If you see your favorite beauty tools in a whole new light, read on.

Whether you choose to clean your brushes every 2 weeks or commit to a more regular routine, the following steps should ensure they are perfectly clean:

  1. Gather all your brushes.
  2. Fill your sink with lukewarm water.
  3. Massage the bristles of the brush with baby shampoo or a mild facial cleanser.
  4. Use a brush cleaning pad to dislodge debris.
  5. Rinse your brushes thoroughly.
  6. Massage the brushes into real hair with the conditioner for one minute. Rinse again.
  7. Let your brushes air dry.

Gather your brushes

“When collecting your brushes, be sure to include any that haven’t been used,” says Scriven. “They can still collect dirt from your makeup bag and other surfaces.”

Fill your sink with lukewarm water

You can use a sink, basin or even a brush cleaning machine with warm but not too hot water.

If you opt for a machine, try the STYLPRO Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Gift Set.

Wash with baby shampoo or mild cleanser

It can be tempting to reach for hand soap or even dish soap, but Patel says you should avoid them.

“Using soap can dry out your skin and damage the natural hair bristles,” he explains.

Instead, he recommends opting for a mild facial cleanser.

“I researched what cleans brushes most effectively, and baby shampoo works wonders for me,” says Scriven.

To use, squeeze a pea-sized amount and gently massage shampoo/cleanser into hair with fingertips until lathered.

Use a brush cleaning pad

Brush cleaning pads usually have raised ridges that help loosen trapped dirt.

“Rubbing your brushes over the textured areas will help remove the dirt inside the brushes,” says Scriven.

Scriven suggests DIY.

“You can make one out of a sheet of hard plastic and a glue gun. Use the glue gun to create different shapes and patterns to rub your brushes against,” she says.

You can also buy brush cleaning pads.


Once you have scrubbed your brushes well, run them under lukewarm water.

“Be sure to rinse the hairs well before toweling them off on a clean, dry towel,” advises Amish Patel, aesthetic practitioner and skin care expert at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic.

If the water is not clear at first, rinse the brushes and repeat the previous steps until all dirt, grime and makeup residue are gone.

Air dry your brushes

Scriven advises letting your brushes air dry overnight and cautions against using a hair dryer.

“If I use a hair dryer, I find it affects the shape of the hairs,” she explains.

Patel says you can “gently reshape the brush head into the shape it had before washing and let it dry naturally with the makeup brush bristles aired out on the edge of a counter.”

What products should you use?

Scriven suggests reading the ingredients and avoiding harsh additives such as:

  • perfumes
  • alcohol
  • conservatives

This is especially true for people with sensitivities or skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema.

It can be tempting to reach for hand soap or even dish soap, but Patel says you should avoid them.

Instead, try a gentle cleanser like The regular squalane cleanser.

Scriven’s top pick is baby shampoo, like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

“It’s safe for sensitive skin, and no harsh chemicals will affect your brushes,” she explains.

As for washing real hair brushes, Scriven says you can follow the same steps you did with your synthetic brushes, but you should add conditioner afterward.

“Condition your real hair brushes with a conditioner of your choice for 1 minute. This ensures that the bristles are soft and delicate,” she adds.

Whatever products you use, Scriven recommends doing a little patch test beforehand to check for irritation.

Washing your makeup brushes can seem like a chore. Yet, according to Patel, it’s non-negotiable when it comes to good skin health.

“Brushes and foundation sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, so washing them regularly is key,” he explains. “In fact, anything that comes into contact with your face should be cleaned regularly.”


  • masks
  • hands
  • towels
  • scarves or headbands
  • makeup brushes and sponges

There is no hard and fast rule on how often you should clean your brushes.

Patel’s advice is to wash your makeup brushes and applicators at least twice a month. More often is best if you have sensitive skin or are prone to occasional outbreaks.

If you regularly wear makeup like Scriven, you might like to bathe your brushes on a specific day each week.

“I always try to clean my makeup brushes at the end of each week (every Sunday). This is to make sure I start each week with fresh brushes,” she says.

Like all your cosmetic products, brushes and sponges need to be replaced regularly.

Scriven recommends changing them every 3 months.

Of course, this may not be realistic for your budget.

“If that’s not financially possible, my advice would be to have a solid cleaning routine and try to change your brushes regularly so you don’t always use the same ones every day,” she says.

You can use makeup brushes regularly to help you look your best, but unwashed tools can do more harm than good.

To keep your pores free of grime and dirt that collects on your brushes, clean them regularly.

Using baby shampoo or a mild cleanser, lukewarm water, and a ridged cleaning pad at least twice a month should do the trick.

Victoria Stokes is a writer from the UK. When she’s not writing about her favorite subjects, her personal development and her well-being, she usually has her nose in a good book. Victoria lists coffee, cocktails and the color pink among some of her favorite things. Find it on Instagram.

The basset hound fights persistent skin problems and fear of cancer Tue, 11 Jan 2022 15:31:03 +0000

Vets in the dermatology section of Cornell University Hospital for Animals diagnosed Daisy with a yeast infection and bacterial overgrowth on her skin.

A basset’s facial folds are a hallmark of the breed’s drooping charm, but for six-year-old Daisy, an allergic reaction made these folds go from adorable to painful.

When a rash appeared on Daisy’s ears and body, owner Linda Hayden worked with her local vet to treat the problem. After some trial and error with shampoos, antifungal drugs, and steroids, Daisy’s vet referred her to Cornell University Hospital for Animals for specialist treatment.

“She was crying, scratching. It was just awful, ”said Hayden. “It was a nightmare for her and for me.”

Vets in the dermatology section of the veterinary hospital diagnosed Daisy with a yeast infection and bacterial overgrowth on her skin. “Bassets are predisposed to ear infections because their ears retain moisture,” said Dr. Kaitlyn Peden, resident dermatology veterinarian who treated Daisy.

Peden and the dermatology team treated Daisy’s ear infection with an ointment containing an antifungal, antibacterial, and steroid. They asked Hayden to treat Daisy’s ears twice a week with another solution to help prevent future infections. Treatment for her overall yeast infection required long-term systemic antifungal therapy – a combination of prescribed drugs and over-the-counter powder. They also collected and analyzed a bacterial culture to determine the best antibiotic for Daisy.

“When she came back for a recheck, Daisy improved a lot,” Peden said. “She still had inflamed spots on her stomach and bacterial overgrowth in places, so we recommended an ear cream and cleanser for ongoing maintenance.”

With careful treatment by dermatologists and careful monitoring from Hayden, Daisy’s skin problems began to clear up. It was around this time, however, that Daisy’s vets discovered a tumor in her mammary glands.

“My heart just fell,” said Hayden. “She’s come this far with her skin problems, and now she has a tumor. I was devastated. “

The vets measured the tumor and, on a subsequent visit, found that not only was it growing, but more had appeared. Mammary gland masses are most often found in older dogs like Daisy who are not spayed or who have been spayed at an older age. Since about half of those lumps turn out to be malignant, her care team wanted to remove Daisy’s mass as soon as possible.

Neutering is beneficial for a female dog or cat at any age, and not just for preventing reproduction. It will also significantly reduce a pet’s risk of cancer and life-threatening uterine infections if done before their first heat cycle. “Pet owners may have heard of breast cancer in human females, but this type of tumor development is actually more likely in dogs than humans,” said Michelle Moyal, DVM ’07, Clinical assistant professor of primary care surgery, who performed Daisy’s surgery.

With careful treatment by dermatologists and careful monitoring by her owner, Daisy’s skin problems began to clear up.

The treatment in Daisy’s case was a bit more complicated as she was taking long-term steroids for her skin problems. “While steroids were needed to cure her chronic skin problem, high dose or chronic administration of steroids can affect the body’s ability to heal,” Moyal said. “Healing is especially important after surgery! “

Moyal and the dermatology team weaned Daisy at the lowest dose that would allow her to stay comfortable while allowing her to heal. His surgical treatment would be twofold: sterilize and then remove the mammary glands with tumors.

“I was a nervous wreck,” said Hayden. “I had the courage and took her, and I kept thinking, ‘Please let her be alright, please let her be alright. “”

The cost of surgery can often be prohibitive, and Hayden had already spent a lot on Daisy’s skin treatments. Vets determined that Daisy was a good candidate for funding made possible by PetSmart Charities, which established a two-year, $ 200,000 grant to support Cornell Small Animal Community Practice initiatives that expand welfare care, sterilization services, as well as urgent medical and surgical procedures for pets. company in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes region. The grant helps faculty and students provide veterinary care to more than 1,500 animals and helped get the help Daisy needed, said Hayden.

Fortunately, Daisy’s surgery went well and she was able to return home the same day with pain relievers and strict instructions for rest. After analysis, the collected masses were found to be benign.

“For me, this business stands out for all the great people who work together to make it a success,” Moyal said. “When Dr Peden approached me for surgery, she was looking for options to help Daisy. This persistence is the perfect example of what vets do to help their patients. The dermatology section, primary care surgery and technicians at Cornell’s Small Animal Community Practice performed preoperative preparation, monitored anesthesia, and ensured that Daisy’s recovery was safe and smooth. “This collaboration is a great example of what is happening in primary care, or general practice, every day,” Moyal said.

Daisy may have had a bumpy road to recovery, but Hayden says she’s back to normal: “She’s a big troublemaker! Hayden is monitoring her skin issues to make sure nothing new appears, and Daisy is now on a diet to avoid joint problems and canine diabetes.

“I am so grateful to Cornell and to PetSmart,” said Hayden. “I can’t thank them enough. Everyone from the receptionist to the students, nurses and doctors were wonderful.

Melanie Greaver Cordova is Assistant Director of Communications at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

7 professional beauty, skin care and makeup tips for people over 50 Sun, 09 Jan 2022 21:05:49 +0000

As we get older, so much about ourselves changes – our outlook on life, our priorities, our goals, and we may even develop an unwavering desire to live in leggings (just me?). Another thing that also changes greatly with age? Our skin. Mature skin, in particular, has different needs. It is therefore important to allow our beauty routine to evolve with us to ensure that we are meeting these needs and that our skin remains healthy and glowing. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best beauty, skincare, and makeup tips for people over 50 that we’ve learned from the pros below.

1. A hydrating concealer equals a more natural finish

Correctors are heroes in our makeup collection. They are always there to save the day by helping us have googly eyes and bushy tails even when we lack sleep or a pimple appears. Because as we age our skin becomes drier and loses elasticity, it can be difficult to find the perfect concealer that doesn’t wrinkle and clump together.

According to Tarryn feldman, a makeup artist based in Nashville and Los Angeles, the secret is to stay away from matte and powdery concealers and go for a creamy concealer with hydrating ingredients – think oils and acid. hyaluronic – which will help achieve a more natural finish. Some MUA approved correctors for mature skin include Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Tart Ribbon.

2. Lightweight foundation is the way to go

Likewise, choosing the right kind of foundation for mature skin is also essential for a natural finish. Makeup artist Sharandy Osei-tutu said previously Good + good than foundations that are moisturizing and light, and saying things like “hydrating,” “luminous,” or “buildable coverage” on the label are ideal. Specific foundations MUAs love for mature skin include Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation, Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation, and Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Longwear Moisturizing Foundation.

3. Avoid salicylic acid at all costs

While salicylic acid is touted as a great skin care ingredient recommended for combating acne, it is not recommended for mature skin. If you are over 50, dermatologists advise you to avoid salicylic acid as it can be very drying. There is one caveat, however: oily skin at any age can benefit. For normal to dry mature skin tones, however, Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of PFRANKMD, previously recommended using a trio of skin care products in its place: sunscreen, hydration and antioxidant serum.

4. Add vitamin K to your skin care routine, stat

Vitamin K is the lesser-known skin care ingredient that every woman over 50 should use under her eyes. Vitamin K helps minimize the appearance of dark circles and reduces the appearance of sagging, wrinkles and bags under the eyes. And, bonus points: it also helps retain moisture.

5. Use These Four Skin Care Ingredients Daily

In addition to vitamin K, dermatologists also recommend that people over 50 incorporate four key ingredients for skin care into their routine: and stimulate collagen production), hyaluronic acid (to retain l moisture) and vitamin C (to synthesize collagen).

6. Go for gentle skin care gadgets

Because mature skin is thinner due to decreased collagen and elastin production, dermatologists recommend avoiding skin care devices that feature aggressive exfoliation or pull and pull hard on the skin. Devices like the BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool and the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device get a dermatological approval stamp for skin over 50 years old.

7. A minimalist skin care routine is best.

While one might think that more skin care products are needed to maintain a healthy, mature complexion and feel great, the opposite is true. Adarsh ​​Vijay Mudgil, MD, a certified dermatologist and founder of Mudgil Dermatology, previously told Well + Good that a common mistake people make is using too many products in their skin care routine. “As we age, our skin doesn’t hydrate as well and, as a result, its natural protective barrier is impaired,” he says. “It is for this reason that our skin can become more sensitive as we accumulate wisdom.”

Instead, he recommends keeping your skin care regimen minimal to avoid irritation. “A good sunscreen, a mild retinoid or retinol at night, and a solid moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or ceramides are really all that everyone needs,” he says.

Oh hi! You look like someone who loves free workouts, discounts for top wellness brands, and exclusive Well + Good content. Sign up for Well +, our online community of wellness insiders, and unlock your rewards instantly.

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SPONSORED: Saturday Morning Extra: For Me Best Climate Smart Skin Care Products, Chicago Weather Hand Cream Sat, 08 Jan 2022 16:39:19 +0000 CHICAGO (WLS) – Why does the wintry weather in Chicago make your skin look older?

When you think of a freezing winter … you think of cozy fireplaces, steaming hot chocolate and aging skin! Yes, aging skin! Unfortunately, the cold climate is an enemy of your complexion. But … Ulli Haslacher is your skin’s best friend and she knows the winter fix!

Polar and freezing temperatures cause polar aging. And polar aging is a thief. It robs your complexion of 30% of its hydration. And hydrated skin is younger looking skin. The problem is, it’s very difficult to replenish that stolen hydration with typical skin care. Why? Imagine your face with tiny holes and 30% of its moisture constantly leaking out during the winter. Applying typical skin care won’t stop moisture leakage, but Climate-Smart will. It provides a breathable and invisible film that stops polar aging in its tracks.

With Climate-Smart Pour-Moi Skincare, you dress your skin as you dress yourself. You put on your down jacket today … what are you doing for your wintery face? Haslacher offers your winter skin solution at an extraordinary price.

Product: 6-piece Youth Burst Kit: Polar (3-step rotation system: Midwest + Polar Moisture Mask + Roundies)
Special price: $ 99 + free shipping

Retail Value: $ 239
Telephone: 909-243-1456

Offer valid until: 01/31/22

Copyright © 2022 WLS-TV. All rights reserved.

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Probiotic foods and cosmetics market by product type, Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:33:36 +0000

Dublin, January 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “probiotic foods and cosmetics market by type of product (probiotic foods and drinks, food supplements, cosmetics), ingredient (bacteria, yeast), distribution channel (hypermarkets / supermarkets, pharmacies) / Drugstores, Specialty Stores, Online) & Region – Global Forecast to 2026 “has been added to offer.

Probiotics have therapeutic value and are shown to be beneficial in the treatment of atopic dermatitis and skin sensitivity, when used in natural skin care products to help supply good bacteria to the skin. These bacteria can help restore the skin’s natural balance, ensuring that it is functioning as it should and that it is packed with the nutrients it needs to stay protected from the elements.

Probiotics are also an effective anti-inflammatory, which helps and soothes redness, irritation, and skin conditions including acne, rosacea, and dry skin. The increasing use of probiotics in the personal care segment is attributed to the growing consumer interest in health and grooming. It contains Lactobacillus johnsonii aids in protecting Langerhans cells from UV damage, Lactobacillus pesodoris keeps odor producing bacteria away from the body.

Probiotics can replace pharmaceutical agents

The growing demand for probiotics has shown that customers prefer products with proven health benefits. Growing evidence of the health benefits associated with probiotics for restoring health has increased customer expectations for probiotics. This trend towards a safe, natural and cost-effective substitute for drugs has led to the application of probiotics as pharmaceutical agents. The beneficial effects of probiotics as pharmaceutical agents appear to depend on strain and dose. Clinical trials have shown that probiotics can cure certain disorders or diseases in humans, especially those related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Yeast probiotics can be used as antibiotics or growth promoters.

Yeast, as a probiotic, is actively used in applications such as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and industrial enzymes. In order for a yeast strain to be selected as a probiotic, it must have a high tolerance to acidity, must show resistance to bile salts, must have the ability to adhere to intestinal cells and must demonstrate an immunostimulatory effect. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most common yeast used in food fermentation. Certain strains of yeast have anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent intestinal infections.

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction

2 Research methodology

3 Executive summary

4 premium information
4.1 Brief Overview of the Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market
4.2 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market Size, by Region
4.3 Impact of COVID-19 on the probiotic food and cosmetics market

5 Market overview
5.1 Presentation
5.2 Market dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Growing popularity of probiotic food supplements Participation of international organizations in the R&D of probiotic products Market competitiveness on the probiotics market
5.2.2 Constraints International quality standards and regulations for probiotic products High R&D costs for the development of new strains of probiotics Cases of allergies to certain probiotic supplements
5.2.3 Opportunities Probiotics can replace pharmaceutical agents Increasing demand for probiotics in developed economies
5.2.4 Challenges Intolerance of probiotics to stomach acid and bile

6 industry trends
6.1 Presentation
6.2 Supply chain
6.3 Technological analysis
6.3.1 Indication-specific formulations to improve the metabolic activity of microbes
6.3.2 Microencapsulation to improve the viability of probiotics
6.3.3 Probiotics and artificial intelligence
6.4 Price Analysis: Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market
6.5 Probiotic ecosystem
6.5.1 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market: Ecosystem Map
6.6 Yc-Ycc Shift: trends / disruptions impacting customer activity
6.7 Porter’s five forces analysis
6.7.1 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
6.7.2 Threat of new entrants
6.7.3 Threat of substitutes
6.7.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
6.7.5 Bargaining power of buyers
6.7.6 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
6.8 Patent analysis
6.9 Case studies
6.10 COVID-19 impact assessment
6.11 Regulatory framework
6.11.1 North America United States Canada
6.11.2 Europe
6.11.3 Asia-Pacific Japan Australia and New Zealand India
6.11.4 South America Brazil

7 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market, By Ingredient
7.1 Presentation
7.2 Bacteria
7.2.1 Bacteria play a major role in strengthening immunity in people
7.2.2 Lactobacilli Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Lactobacillus Casei Lactobacillus Reuteri
7.2.3 Bifidobacteria
7.2.4 Streptococcus thermophilus
7.3 Yeast
7.3.1 Probiotics are widely used for several therapeutic purposes
7.3.2 Saccharomyces Boulardii

8 Probiotic foods and cosmetics market, by distribution channel
8.1 Presentation
8.1.1 Hypermarkets / Supermarkets Strong Growth Outlook for Probiotics Manufacturers in Asia-Pacific
8.1.2 Pharmacies / Drugs In the United States, the demand for dietary supplements will increase amid the increase in the geriatric population
8.1.3 Specialized stores Specialty stores offer a variety of probiotic food supplements to various categories of people
8.1.4 Online Online shopping to generate consumer interest in the years to come

9 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market, by Product Type
9.1 Presentation
9.2 Probiotic foods and drinks
9.3 Probiotic food supplements
9.3.1 Food supplements are an alternative to fill nutritional deficiencies
9.4 Probiotic cosmetics
9.4.1 Due to this increasing tilt, the personal care industry is constantly witnessing substantial growth

10 Probiotic Foods and Cosmetics Market, By Region

11 Competitive landscape
11.1 Overview
11.2 Market Share Analysis, 2020
11.3 Strategies of key players
11.4 Probiotics Food and Cosmetics Business Revenue Analysis, 2018-2020
11.5 Business responses specific to COVID-19
11.5.1 Adm
11.5.2 Dupont
11.5.3 Kerry Group
11.5.4 Nestlé
11.6 Business valuation quadrant (food and beverage companies)
11.6.1 Star
11.6.2 Omnipresent
11.6.3 Emerging leaders
11.6.4 Participants
11.6.5 Product footprint
11.7 Cosmetic Company Assessment Quadrant
11.7.1 Progressive companies
11.7.2 Starting blocks
11.7.3 Responsive companies
11.7.4 Dynamic businesses
11.8 Competitive scenario and trends
11.8.1 Product launches, offers and other developments
11.8.2 Offers
11.8.3 Others

12 company profiles
12.1 Key companies
12.1.1 Probi Ab
12.1.2 Nestlé
12.1.3 Archer Daniels Midland Company
12.1.4 Danone
12.1.5 Dupont
12.1.6 Yakult Honsha
12.1.7 General Plants
12.1.8 Kerry
12.1.9 Biogaïa
12.1.10 Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
12.1.11 Glowbiotics LLC
12.1.12 Eminence organic skin care
12.1.13 Esse Skin Care
12.1.14 L’Oréal
12.1.15 Estée Lauder
12.1.16 Tula Skin Care
12.1.17 Aurélia London
12.1.18 Laflore Probiotics Skin Care
12.1.19 Gallinee Microbiome Skin Care
12.1.20 Skin care with organic milk

13 Adjacent and Related Markets

14 Annex

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]]> World’s First Tablet Skin Care: Mono Skin Care Review Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:50:03 +0000

Image source: MONO

Reducing individual waste is a goal for many of us. Through innovations such as reusable food storage bags, metal straws, and toothpaste and cleaning tablets in tablet form, we are rethinking the ways we can live more sustainable lives without having to compromise on l ‘efficiency. But while many of us diligently carry around a reusable water bottle and shop for new and improved green cleaning products, there is one area that can always be improved when it comes to sustainability: our beauty routines.

The beauty industry unfortunately creates an extraordinary amount of waste. Unfortunately, this is not an easy solution either. Right now, there is no such thing as 100% perfectly sustainable packaging or formula, even the seemingly most environmentally friendly product can have some kind of negative impact on the environment. However, some brands are pushing the boundaries of innovation in an attempt to create more environmentally friendly products. One brand that does exactly that is Mono.

Mono works using the same system as tablet-based cleaning products by reducing plastic with solid tablets combined with potable water. The brand currently offers seven staples – facial moisturizer, nighttime serum, cleanser, tonic, body deodorant, and yoga mat cleanser – that work by adding a single solid tablet to cleanse the water in the bottle. Once the product is finished, you just need to repurchase a single tablet and keep the bottle so you can use it again and again.

The packaging is chic and minimalist. All products come in shaded glass vials with a pump (which isn’t perfect, but since the product is refillable, it reduces the need to throw away excess pumps) and a white wood stopper. The concept of Mono is based on being refillable, so once you’re done with your product all you need to do is reorder your replacement tablet and refill your glass bottle.

I tried the facial moisturizer (£ 51) in the range. Using the product was really as easy as three steps. Unscrew the cap, fill with clean water to the mark on the side of the bottle, drop the tablet into the bottle, shake it well, and then wait for it to dissolve completely.

The hydrating formula is based on one of the hottest skincare trends around today: probiotic-based products that aim to maintain your skin’s microbiome (the invisible layer of good and bad bacteria in the skin). surface of your skin). A healthy microbiome equals a healthy skin barrier, which in turn leads to less redness and rashes. Mono Facial Moisturizer contains Biolin P, a prebiotic that is said to help soothe and reduce redness, which is very appealing to me as someone with rosacea who regularly struggles with irritation.

I will say the consistency of the moisturizer put me off. It is not what I would call a cream or a lotion, but rather an essence or toner of completely liquid consistency. For my skin type, which is drier, this wouldn’t be moisturizing enough for me and instead it’s something I would use as a serum under a traditional moisturizer. Having said that, I really liked the product as a moisturizer and it made my skin incredibly soft without irritation – a win in my books.

Like many eco-responsible products that are new to the market (especially if they use new innovations), Mono products don’t come cheap. With prices ranging from £ 8 to £ 23, this is definitely an investment and something you need to be able to commit to if you are looking to make changes to your routine.

Overall, the idea of ​​tablet-based skin care products is great. It solves a very real problem that exists in the industry and the innovation is inspiring. I am delighted to see this category in the industry grow and improve.

Image source: MONO

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Eye Skin Care Market Size, Scope, Forecast to 2029 Tue, 04 Jan 2022 02:00:55 +0000

New Jersey, United States, – The latest report published by Verified Market Reports shows that the Eye Skin Care Market should experience a sustained pace in the years to come. Analysts looked at market drivers, restrictions, risks and openings in the global market. The Eye Skin Care report shows the likely direction of the market in the coming years along with its estimates. An in-depth study aims to understand the market price. By analyzing the competitive landscape, the report’s authors have made a brilliant effort to help readers understand the key business tactics used by large companies to keep the market sustainable.

The report includes the profiling of almost all of the significant players in the Eye Skin Care market. The company profile section offers valuable analysis of strengths and weaknesses, business developments, recent advancements, mergers and acquisitions, expansion plans, global footprint, market presence and Product portfolios of the main market players. This information can be used by players and other market participants to maximize their profitability and streamline their business strategies. Our competitive analysis also includes key information to help new entrants to identify market entry barriers and measure the level of competitiveness in the Eye Skin Care market.

Get sample full PDF copy of report: (including full table of contents, list of tables and figures, graph) @

Key Players Mentioned In The Eye Skin Care Market Research Report:

EsteeLauder, Lancôme, Shiseido, Loreal, Clinique, Olay, The Body Shop, GlamGlow, Dr. Morita

Eye Skin Care Market Segmentation:

By Product Type, the market is majorly split into:

• Eye cream
• Eye essence
• Eye mask
• Essential massage oil
• Other

By application, this report covers the following segments:

• Specialized retailers
• Factory outlets
• Internet sales
• Other

The global eye skin care market is segmented on the basis of product, type, services, and technology. All of these segments were studied individually. The detailed survey helps to assess the factors influencing the eye skin care market. Experts analyzed the nature of development, investments in research and development, changing consumption patterns and the growing number of applications. In addition, analysts have also assessed the economic developments in the eye skin care market which is likely to affect its price.

The regional analysis section of the report enables players to focus on high growth regions and countries which could help them expand their presence in the Eye Skin Care market. Besides expanding their presence in the Eye Skin Care market, the regional analysis helps players to increase sales while having a better understanding of customer behavior in specific regions and countries. The report provides the CAGR, revenue, production, consumption, and other important statistics and figures related to the global and regional markets. It shows how different types, applications, and regional segments are advanced in the Eye Skin Care market in terms of growth.

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Scope of Eye Skin Care Market Report

UNITY Value (million USD / billion)
COVERED SEGMENTS Types, applications, end users, etc.
REPORT COVER Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free customization of the report (equivalent to 4 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.

Geographic segment covered in the report:

The Eye Skin Care report provides information about the market area, which itself is further subdivided into sub-regions and countries / regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region during the estimated period.

• North America (United States and Canada)
• Europe (UK, Germany, France and rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region)
• Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa (GCC and rest of Middle East and Africa)

Key questions answered in the report:

1. Who are the top five players in the Eye Skin Care Market?

2. How will the eye skin care market evolve over the next five years?

3. Which product and application will capture the lion’s share of the eye skin care market?

4. What are the drivers and restraints of the Eye Skin Care Market?

5. Which regional market will show the most growth?

6. What will be the CAGR and Size of the Eye Skin Care market throughout the forecast period?

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Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for narrative storytelling for this market. VMI offers in-depth forecasting trends and accurate insight into over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a holistic overview and global competitive landscape with regard to region, country and segment, and key players in your market. Present your market report and findings with a built-in presentation function, saving over 70% of your time and resources for investor arguments, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. VMI enables data delivery in interactive Excel and PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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Main trend reports

Global Eye Skin Care Market Size and Forecast

Global Out-of-Home Fabric Products Market Size and Forecast

Global Racing Equipment Market Size and Forecast

Global Cotton Swabs Market Size and Forecast

Global Industrial Bucket Market Size and Forecast

Global Cream Hair Color Market Size and Forecast

Global Scuba Diving Equipment Market Size and Forecast

Global Residential Combination Steamer Market Size and Forecast

Global Combination Steamer Market Size and Forecast

Global Refrigerated Prep Table Market Size and Forecast

About us: verified market reports

Verified Market Reports is a leading global research and advisory firm serving more than 5,000 clients around the world. We provide advanced analytical research solutions while delivering insightful research studies.

We also offer insight into the strategic and growth analyzes and data needed to achieve business goals and critical revenue decisions.

Our 250 analysts and SMEs offer a high level of expertise in data collection and governance using industry techniques to collect and analyze data on more than 25,000 high impact and niche markets. Our analysts are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, expertise and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

Our research spans a multitude of industries including energy, technology, manufacturing and construction, chemicals and materials, food and beverage, and more. Having served numerous Fortune 2000 organizations, we bring a rich and reliable experience that covers all kinds of research needs.

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E-mail: [email protected]

Website: –

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Skin and Body Products Chris Black Swears By Sun, 02 Jan 2022 13:05:53 +0000

welcome to i swear by this, a series of interviews where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use until the last drop. This week we asked the Chris Black, writer, consultant and podcast co-host Since when, to share all the products that have earned a place in its personal care line.

Chris Black knows what he’s talking about. It delivers its hot shots with an ease that can only come from a place of waterproof trust and information if you know it. He went from leading the pop-punk band Cartel to consulting for brands like Thom Browne and Stüssy, but you probably already knew that. To the devotees of his pandemic project turned long-term podcast Since when, he is an arbiter and an iconoclast with a firm stance on everything. So what does he know about skin care? A lot, apparently.

In an essay for Ssense, Black diagnosed himself as “brand sensitive,” a term he used to describe his affinity for luxury items. “I can’t just buy a pair of white sneakers, have a salad or book a flight,” he wrote, “I only want the best.”

For Black, the value of a product can be reduced to a sentiment. Concrete example ? Its Aēsop deodorant. “It costs $ 40, but feels good to buy,” he explains in our Google Meet conversation. “The experience is good. I love the way it smells and I love the way it makes me feel. So I will do it myself. We have to go beyond the product and talk about how we feel, which is important. Below, he details his multisensory approach to skin care and shares the eight products he never tires of.

I’m going to set the scene: I’m going home with a guy, I’m going to his bathroom. I look in his medicine cabinet, see this item and leave immediately. What product in a man’s bathroom should warrant such a response?

“Ax Body Spray, no doubt. Any sort of crappy drugstore deodorant that smells like a 24-hour fitness locker room. Men are much more informed. [on skin care] they never have been, but even when you’re in an expensive gym you see guys using it. For example, you pay $ 300 a month to go to the gym, but your deodorant costs $ 5 and smells like feet. What are we doing here? ”

Are you aware of the packaging? If a product looks amazing, but the packaging is so poor that it stains your nightstand, would you choose efficiency over aesthetics?

“It probably says a lot about my psyche as a person, but it doesn’t happen to me. In fact, this is not true. One of the items I’ve been using since high school is called Queen Helene’s. It’s a green clay mask you get from CVS for around $ 4 but it’s ugly as shit so it stays in a different cabinet. It is not beside all the good products that are displayed. It’s a bit hidden.

Is the skin care routine a time to do stunts?

“I think a skin care routine is really what works for you. If something from the drugstore works for you, then that’s great. Skin is something that is so deeply about trust. So if you’re feeling good and looking good, that’s a lot more important than saying, “This is all $ 200 versus $ 5.” It’s like a Cetaphil bottle. Like, it really works for me, and it’s $ 5 and I feel good. And that’s the most important thing in general self-care.

Buffing bar

“I love the way it makes my skin feel and I love the color blue. They just sent me this soap dish and it’s so cool because it keeps the soap clean and protected from water when you use it. don’t use it Exfoliating the body isn’t necessarily something I thought about a lot, so now I’m really enjoying it.

Soft services

Parsley seed eye cream

“I have been using it for years. Eye cream is something that all men should use because this is where you start to look old. I have gray hair and a beard and everything is fine. But you can’t be crow’s feet, that’s when you screwed up.

“For the eye cream I was using La Mer because my old studio mate did a project with them and I ended up with three or four jars, but it was just too heavy. I didn’t like the feel, but Aēsop eye cream is really nice and wearable. It’s still in stock and I love that it feels really clean. I have been using it for a long time and am pretty loyal when it comes to things like this.


Hinoki Bar

“My friends Allison and Jay started [Wonder Valley] in the tree of Joshua. They have great body oil, they have great olive oil and face oil but the Hinoki Bar smells amazing. I run bar soaps but this is the one I use a lot lately.

Valley of Wonders

Muschio Shampoo-Shower Gel

“I shave my head, which is a pandemic, I’ve never done it before. But I still shampoo my scalp because it feels good and smells good. It’s a shampoo and shower gel but I only use it on the head. The smell is like a rich Italian on vacation smoking a cigarette, which is really nice. Santa Maria Novella has been around for about 500 years, but for me all they touch is goals. I also like the experience of the store, especially the original location in Italy.

Santa Maria Novella


“As I’m outside a lot in the summer, I put a little on my head beforehand to moisturize my scalp so that I don’t get really sunburned. I like the way it smells. It’s a cute little treat, it’s easy.

Crown case

Vetiver Hand Cream

“Byredo is as good as it suits me. The stores are so beautiful, the packaging is so beautiful. It’s a great experience, where you walk in, spend $ 300, and you don’t even realize you made it. It is very powerful. It’s a very powerful brand.


Exfoliating Snow Scrub

“A girl I know, Claire, did all the design direction for this brand. So they sent me products, and I really appreciate this exfoliant. I like the packaging to be super clean.

Isla Beauty

The Rich Cream

“If it’s good enough for burns, it’s good enough for me.” It’s expensive, but some things can’t really be rated. Also, I don’t use it a lot. My girlfriend buys it, so it’s all over the house. Basically when she’s not around I use her so I don’t get slapped in the face.

“It’s an interesting product because it has become the stuff of hot chicks. They sell it at The Row; it’s like, one. Every two or three years there is a product like that. I don’t even know if it’s celebrity driven because, with everything getting this big and popular as this, it’s just because it’s good and it works.

“Skin care and beauty are so personal. You can’t just have great packaging and marketing. It really has to work and there has to be an element of word of mouth. This criterion does not exist in the other categories.

Augustin Bader

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