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There are few stars with a voice as familiar as Reese Witherspoon’s. Speaking on the phone from Los Angeles, she’s warm and polite, her Southern accent as it appears on screen.

However, she doesn’t tell me about her new projects (she is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses and producers), but about being a global ambassador for the Biossance skincare line, which she signed up for after tried the products. And as we speak, it’s clear that her approach to beauty goes far beyond skin.

“I’ve always thought beauty and skincare is a big part of building self-esteem,” she says. Born in Louisiana and raised in Tennessee, Reese, 45, now lives in California with her talent agent husband Jim Toth, their son Tennessee, 11, and their children Deacon, 18, and Ava, 22, from her first marriage to actor Ryan. Philip.

She lays a large part of her attitude on her upbringing. “As a child, I remember seeing my mother getting ready for work every morning and thinking how beautiful she looked. She always wore red lipstick, which I found so glamorous,” she recalled. Reese’s mother, Betty, was a huge influence.

“I grew up with a very strong mother and a very strong grandmother. My mother always taught me that when you pull yourself together and take care of yourself, you present yourself more confidently to the world.

Indeed, she does. Named by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world in 2019, she sold her production company Hello Sunshine last summer for $900 million, having proven that female-led stories work.

An avid reader, who studied English Literature at Stanford (she left early to become an actress), Reese was behind (and starred in) hit TV series including big little lies and more recently, The morning showalongside Jennifer Aniston.

In it, Reese plays reporter Bradley Jackson, who has risen from relative obscurity to co-host a breakfast show alongside Aniston’s veteran anchor.

Best Hair Sprays for Men Fri, 14 Jan 2022 23:00:00 +0000

Avoid Hat Hair and Control Your Look with the Best Hairspray for Men

AskMen’s editorial team researches and thoroughly reviews the best gear, services and basics for life. AskMen can get paid if you click on a link in this article and purchase a product or service.

The new year is all about approaching your daily life with determination and good intentions, including your grooming routine. This is where the best hair sprays can help you achieve healthy looking hair. Why hairspray? Well, your grooming routine needs a great facial via one of the best face serums, for example, but hair care (and more specifically, an easy-to-use hair spray) is a area that still deserves to be rethought.

During the winter months, you are often bundled up from head to toe, from one of the best fleece jackets to a beanie. But whether you want a quick hair refresh at work or forgo that beanie on a day without a winter blizzard, there are ways to avoid a dreaded case of hat hair.

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Men’s hairsprays are easy to use — they go on and dry quickly — and you can often recreate your hairstyle with just a touch-up (or even a little carefully applied water) when the hat comes off. It’s not possible to take hairspray with you everywhere, of course, but it’s another grooming option in your fight against the perils of winter, whether it’s dry skin or chapped lips…or, again, “hat hair.”

Hair sprays were once the province of female-focused grooming, but many tried-and-true stalwarts of men’s grooming offer their own take on hair sprays with masculine scents, helpful ingredients (like sea salt for a sunny vibes), and even better, cool can designs that you can display in your bathroom. Everything counts when revamping your grooming approach for a new year, so make sure one of the best hair sprays is in your 2022 grooming rotation.

Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray

Deluxe uppercut

Uppercut Deluxe has a whole rotation of downright useful, high-quality pomades from “Down Under” (Australia, people), but this salt spray is just as worthy of consideration. It’s designed to offer a casual, lived-in look, with that salty finish that might remind you of a beach vacation. Plus, the box design is pretty cool too.

$17 at

American Crew Hairspray for Men

American Crew Men's HairsprayAmerican crew

American Crew makes utterly classic men’s hair care products, so much so that the brand launched a partnership with the groomed Elvis in recent years. This hairspray is a quick way to add medium hold to damp or dry hair. It will also lock in moisture and condition your scalp as you use it.

$11.96 at

STMNT Grooming Spray

STMNT Grooming SpraySTMNT

Developed in close collaboration with professional barbers, STMNT’s Grooming Spray has a dual purpose. This is a perfect pre-styling spray if you want extreme hold, but it also works well on its own if you want a firm yet flexible hold for your hair. Spices and a woody scent also characterize the finish of this one.

$18.66 at

18.21 Premium Man-Made Hairspray

18.21 Premium Man-Made Hairspray18.21

It doesn’t get much more old-school than this hairspray, from the retro-style design to the rich, fragrant scent and strong hold. It’s the kind of hairspray that can tame stray or flyaway hairs and add a dressy, tailored shine to “high and tight” parted hairstyles.

$21.60 at

Baxter of California Clay Effect Styling Spray

Baxter of California Clay Effect Styling SprayBaxter of California Clay

Want something incredibly easy to use that replaces a clay pomade? Baxter of California has exactly what the doctor ordered, giving you both strong hold and a textured finish. It combines a casual look with the kind of outfit you really need all day.

$26.95 at

Byrd Haircare Texturizing Surfspray

Byrd Haircare Texturizing SurfsprayByrd Hair Care

Even in the dead of winter, you’ll look like you’ve arrived straight from the beach with this well-made hairspray for men that lives up to its name. It is designed with vitamin B5 and other nourishing ingredients to nourish your hair. As an added bonus, you can subscribe to Byrd to save a few extra bucks on regular shipments of this hair spray.

$16 at

Brickell Men’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Brickell Men's Texturizing Sea Salt SprayBrickell

The aforementioned supple texture and sunny vibe are at your fingertips with this sea salt spray, which comes in a cool green bottle. Sea salt will also thicken your hair while preventing it from becoming too brittle in the cold winter air. Brickell Men’s can also take care of the rest of your grooming routine, with a full range of men’s skincare essentials.

$22 at

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Sprayblind barber

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a Blind Barber shop in a stylish city, chances are you know just how much they can improve your hair. This sea salt spray is like bringing a salon touch to the house, designed to add texturized volume with lightweight hold. As a final touch, the scent echoes that of vanilla pods.

$19.99 at

Jack Henry Refreshing Hair Spray

Jack Henry Refreshing Hair SprayJack Henry

Jack Henry meets guys where they live and work with a full line of essential, useful and accessible grooming products. Grab this hairspray: You don’t need professional salon experience to use this texturizing and thickening styling spray, which also comes in a refreshing lemon scent.

$24 at

Forte Series Textured Spray

Forte Series Textured SprayStrong Series

The brains of influencer and grooming expert Alex Costa, it only makes sense that the Forte series is designed to meet almost all men’s grooming needs. If you have thick hair, this texture spray adds control, yet it works on all hair types.

$24 at

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The beauty business is turning to augmented reality Thu, 13 Jan 2022 10:30:03 +0000

Beauty brands are hiring — or buying — tech companies that allow customers to virtually try on makeup, hair, and skincare products.

Why is this important: With COVID driving people away from cosmetic counters, the latest in “beauty tech” is the VTO – or virtual try-on. Customers enjoy playing with these apps so much that companies see their revenue increase after introducing them.

Driving the news: Hair, skin, and makeup companies used to focus on acquiring smaller cult brands, but now they’re also looking to AI and AR companies that can help them develop personalized customer experiences.

  • L’Oréal led the charge, buying AR specialist ModiFace in 2018 and using its patents “to create a number of virtual try-on tools that consumers can experience with several of their brands,” reports Vogue Business.
  • L’Oréal has its own technology incubator with a team of more than 30 physicists, engineers, UX specialists, hardware designers and data scientists.
  • The beauty conglomerate is using AI to let people create custom lip colors, chat with a professional colorist via live video before buying at-home hair dye, and try on makeup shades in one app virtual mirror called Makeup Genius.

What they say : “People don’t necessarily want to go to a store to try stuff on before they buy it,” David Ripert, CEO of Poplar Studio, told, a digital magazine.

  • Her company created an AR campaign for a Maybelline lip gloss and one for NYX Professional Makeup that used an AR face filter to let people try on Halloween looks on Instagram and Snapchat.

Between the lines: With VTO, beauty companies are able to transform the retail experience into a form of entertainment, which increases sales.

  • Yesterday’s high-pressure sales pitch at a department store counter has turned into a digital home game where shoppers can feel like they’re at a sleepover trying different things” look”.
  • “We’re seeing at least 38% of those who take our color quiz, then explore our hair colors using our virtual AR try-on tool, convert to purchase,” said Tyler Wozny, senior vice president of hair color company Madison Reed. .
  • Perfect Corp., the AI ​​and AR provider that built Madison Reed’s VTO platform, came to the big tech show CES last week in Las Vegas to show how brands could use its technology in the metaverse.

The bottom line: With virtual try-on technology quickly becoming table stakes for beauty brands, there’s no substitute for sampling a product in the flesh, where it can look very different on your non-virtual skin.

Anne Klein signs AP Deauville for bath and body care products – WWD Tue, 11 Jan 2022 22:05:10 +0000

Anne Klein, who is owned by WHP Global, has signed a long-term license agreement with AP Deauville to launch a line of bath and body care products.

The first products will ship this month and will be distributed to select department stores, online stores and specialty retailers in the United States and Canada.

“With personal care at an all time high, we are delighted to partner with AP Deauville to bring to life an elevated swim and body collection for the Anne Klein brand in one of the fastest growing sectors of the clothing market. beauty, ”Stanley said. Silverstein, Commercial Director of WHP Global. “As we kick off the new year, we remain committed to expanding Anne Klein’s product assortment and offering customers a new way to experience and integrate this timeless brand into their daily lives. “

Anne Klein’s Bath & Body Collection offers a full line of bath, body and spa products for women, including a range of restorative body washes, exfoliating scrubs and lotions, radiant cream and cleanser. for the face, liquid hand soap and a soothing bubble bath.

In addition to Anne Klein, WHP brands include Joseph Abboud, Joe’s Jeans, William Rast, Lotto, Toys “R” Us, and Babies “R” Us. The company generates approximately $ 4 billion in global sales.

Mainstream AP Deauville’s flagship brands are Power Stick and Power Stick for Her, which focus on deodorants, body sprays, liquid body washes and shampoos.


Anne Klein signs an agreement for the Intimates collection with Vandale

Anne Klein signs housewares deal with Sunham Home Fashions

Beyond Shampoo: Pantene Miracles Hair Supplement Recharges Undernourished Hair – Informial Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:01:23 +0000

Information (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Mon, January 10, 2022


To free

We’ve all been this way: you’ve washed your hair a few times to escape frizz and moisture, and yet your locks are still dull and undernourished. Perhaps there is still a step missing in the routine?

As the New Year dawns, Pantene launched a line of hair supplements to recharge and rehydrate luscious locks of hair across the country.

Pantene’s all-new Miracles Hair Supplement works similarly to daily or weekly multivitamins and multi-step skin care routines, providing nutrition to the hair after regular washing with shampoo.

Procter & Gamble Indonesia communications director Beauty Care Ovidia Nomia said in a statement that the product is P & G’s first hair supplement for Indonesia, paving the way for a new routine for the products. hair care.

“Where people would simply wash their hair with shampoo, we are now encouraging everyone to add another step to the routine by using the Miracles Hair Supplement to optimally nourish our hair after each wash. Shampoo is only used to clean the hair, but at the same time it can reduce the nutrition of our hair, causing it to lose its shine, coarse and tired appearance, ”she said.

A screenshot of “Miracles Hair Supplement Baru!” – Goodbye #RambutCapek Hello #RambutKeCharged “. (Courtesy of Pantene /.)

Pantene Indonesia teamed up with internet personality Keanu Angelo (@keanuagl), whose luscious locks weren’t sufficiently hydrated and nourished with just a regular shampoo. He then used Miracles Hair Supplement in his daily and weekly hair care routine to recharge his hair, the progress and response which was documented in a video titled “Miracles Hair Supplement Baru!” – Goodbye #RambutCapek Hello #RambutKeCharged “.

In the first 24 hours since it was uploaded to Pantene Indonesia’s YouTube channel, the video has been watched by 950,773 viewers, receiving positive feedback from Indonesian netizens interested in both Keanu and his positive results with the use of Miracles hair supplement.

Pantene Indonesia Miracles Hair Supplement comes in two variations: Miracles Biotin strength and collagen repair Daily Supplement Conditioner that hydrates and repairs hair, as well as Miracles Biotin strength Collagen Strength and Repair Weekly hair mask that can turn dry, damaged hair into healthy, strong and shiny strands.

Both products can be purchased at the nearest mini market and supermarket. Miracles Biotin Strength / Collagen Repair Daily 150ml Daily Conditioner retails for Rp 26,900, while Miracles Biotin Strength Strength & Collagen Repair Hair 20ml Weekly Supplement can be purchased for Rp 7,900.

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What the latest COVID wave means for local NH businesses Sat, 08 Jan 2022 11:00:00 +0000

At the Carter Community Building Association in Lebanon, members who want to exercise can choose anything from swimming, cycling to weight lifting.

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Membership still has not reached pre-pandemic levels. But executive director Kerry Artman says that even with the recent increase in COVID cases in New Hampshire, the business has improved since 2020. The weather is getting colder and new members are joining, she says.

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on the state’s economy, worsen the childcare crisis, labor shortage and supply chain issues, many local businesses say they still experience high demand for their services from Granite Staters. Yet not all New Hampshire businesses are so immune.

The state’s winter COVID-19 outbreak has led to record hospitalizations, overloading the understaffed state health system. But Artman says many members of the center are tired of having their lives controlled by COVID. The recreation center’s decision to require vaccination of staff and members in November has helped people feel safe while training.

“We attracted more people than we lost by making this choice,” she said.

Nearby, Jessica Giordani, co-owner of Scratch Supply Company, prepares for another busy day. Her store sells yarn and she says knitting season has arrived. But her customers don’t always visit the store in person.

“We are very busy online,” says Giordani. “It’s great for the local community and it’s great for the people who can’t physically come and see us because they don’t live here.

But offering online orders or curbside pickup isn’t always possible, especially for those in the “high-consumption” economy, like the beauty industry.

Some companies in the sector have directly felt the impact of this surge, such as Lilo Almonte, who heads La Fama hair salon in Nashua.

Since COVID cases “started to accelerate, business has slowed down,” he explained.

Almonte’s decline in business reflects a broader trend, according to Saba Waheed, research director at UCLA’s Labor Center. For high touch businesses, their profits depend on individual risk assessments by customers.

“It’s all about ‘consumer confidence’ and how much risk consumers are willing to take for something like a pedicure,” Waheed explained, noting that these types of services are not as essential as going to the grocery store.

There are similar challenges for workers in the beauty industry. Manicurists, hairdressers, massage therapists and more cannot work remotely during COVID spikes. If workers get sick, they could lose days of wages stranded at home in quarantine.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that in the service sector of the economy, 4 in 10 workers do not have paid sick leave. Rates drop considerably more for low-wage workers. In New Hampshire, the average salary of beauty salon employees range from $ 525 to $ 750 per week, depending on the department. Wage averages were even lower for nail salon workers, at $ 450-600 per week.

A lack of protections such as indoor mask requirements, access to high-quality PPE and widespread vaccination can add to that risk, Waheed says.

New Hampshire has not implemented a statewide mask mandate since April, leaving the decision to business owners. Not all nail and hair salons that the NHPR spoke about have their own mandate. Immunization rates have also stagnated in the state, at less than 70% of the total population, according to CDC data.

Nicola Scott runs Nikki’s Hair Braiding in Londonderry. In all capitals on her website, she specifies that she needs masks. Since reopening in 2020, she says business is stable.

“I’m just a one-woman show, I work on my own,” she says, which minimizes the exposure.

She says that customer demand is high because there is no lots of braiders in New Hampshire.

“I’m always busy,” she says.

She has clients who come from all over New England to have their hair braided. Even though winter tends to be her slowest season, she says she books weeks in advance.

And as winter drags on and the most contagious variant of COVID-19, omicron spreads further in the state, epidemiologist Benjamin Chan said Thursday he expects to see ” further increases in the already high level of COVID 19 that we are currently seeing “.

And what that will mean for the day-to-day decisions the Granite Staters make, like getting a haircut or joining a gym, is something businesses can only try to predict.

“I think with this new variation we are all preparing for what could happen,” said Kerry Artman.

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Ron Perelman’s debts fall due Fri, 07 Jan 2022 18:05:23 +0000

In 2012, Mr Perelman sued his art dealer, Larry Gagosian, claiming he was repeatedly prompted to spend more on works than they were worth. In 2013, Harland Clarke, another Perelman company, sued Michael Milken over a deal. Mr Perelman said it was not personal, but still. Mr Milken was – as the former head of high yields at Drexel, Burnham, Lambert – largely responsible for turning Mr Perelman into a billionaire.

Both lawsuits were dismissed.

Lesser Known: Mr. Perelman is an easy crier.

It happened at the MacAndrews & Forbes offices during a recent interview as he spoke about the end of his marriage to Ms Duff. In 1996, less than two years after giving birth to their daughter, Caleigh, Mr Perelman broke up with her in the back seat of a chauffeured car, while attending the Democratic National Convention.

That’s not the part that made her cry.

After returning home, Mr. Perelman called his ex-wife, Ms. Cohen. He was staying at his Creek property. She was at their former dive on Lily Pond Lane, which is 9.5 acres in size.

Mr. Perelman and Ms. Cohen were not very well placed at the time. In addition to the way the marriage ended, he had clearly expressed his antipathy for the man she had rebounded with. Which in retrospect, admitted Perelman was not necessarily fair, even though the man happened to be former New York Senator Al D’Amato, for whom personal and professional scandals have hung on, such as the The Los Angeles Times once said, “like a sweaty undershirt.

“She said ‘come on’ and we talked pretty much all night,” said Mr Perelman, lips quivering, eyes full of water. “And she never said a word about how I gave her a hard time. We just stood together and I said how much of a jerk I was. Everything was as before.

Although not entirely. They weren’t in love.

But she helped him through his epic three-year divorce from Ms Duff and stood by his side seven years later when his fourth marriage, to actress Ellen Barkin, came to an end. (Not good either: “The last time I saw Ellen she threw a drink in my face,” he said.)

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Older singles are booming in matchmaking Thu, 06 Jan 2022 01:58:07 +0000

A newly married senior couple walk hand in hand at a group wedding in Qingdao, Shandong Province. WANG HAIBIN / FOR CHINA DAILY

Pursuit of Love Creates Market Worth Up to 50 Billion Yuan, Boosts Development of Related Industries

What are the chances of finding true love in your 60s?

Beijing resident Li Huichun, 65, whose husband died about seven years ago, said she was ready for a new life partner.

But leaving that to fate seemed too uncertain, she said, so she became a premium member of an online dating app designed exclusively for seniors.

Li is just one of many elderly people who have come to the same conclusion. Across China, more than 50 million middle-aged or older singles (those 50 or older) are looking for love and marriage.

This has created a market worth between 30-50 billion yuan ($ 4.7-7.9 billion), according to AgeClub, a consulting and incubation services platform focused on healthcare companies. the elderly.

“With the rapid growth of the senior population, there is an increasing demand for matchmaking for those in need. Although they have limited means of finding new partners, they have demonstrated a strong willingness and ability to pay for services, ”said Duan Mingjie, Founder and CEO of AgeClub.

Common ways for middle-aged and senior people to meet potential new love interests include matchmaking events in parks, reality shows and online dating platforms, according to a report from AgeClub.

Duan said that in general, single women in this age group are more willing to pay for matchmaking services than men and are more active in both online and offline events.

Today’s middle-aged and elderly people, who, as a group with higher income, better health and higher levels of education than previous generations, are shifting their priorities from ” save more “to” pay more to enjoy life, “which is a major growth driver for the matchmaking business, said Wang Bairong, analyst at LeadLeo Research Institute, a market research provider.

Members of the current generation of seniors are adopting more recreational activities and are familiar with the Internet, Wang said.

“The growing need for matchmaking and the strong purchasing power of middle-aged and senior citizens have also propelled the growth of businesses such as senior beauty care, senior-friendly travel and salons. of tea to get together with others. The market has great potential, ”she said. The market for these companies is estimated at around 7.9 billion yuan.

“It’s not like it used to be, when people thought it was a bit ashamed to dress, go out with someone and remarry at an old age,” said Li, a Beijing resident. “I know in some places it is still the norm for older people to live with their adult children and care for their grandchildren, but my family wants me to pursue my own happiness at this age.

“Growing old alone is not pleasant, and I need companionship, someone to share my feelings with. Plus, older people are prone to health issues, and it’s nice to have someone. ‘one around me in an emergency, like my only child. now lives overseas. “

Fear of loneliness and death is a big motivator for middle-aged and senior people deciding to test the waters of dating again, according to Shi Wei, an AgeClub analyst. Often times, they’re looking for a new face, someone they don’t know well yet, Shi said.

“Seeing changes in the body can increase the fear of illness and death. Some middle-aged and senior people also often feel a sense of emptiness.

“Often even their sons and daughters cannot help them deal with such mixed feelings, and that is why they need a new life partner, someone their age who could get to know them better and make good companions when sick, ”Shi said. .

In addition, many middle-aged and senior people hope to regain the feeling of being young and passionate, as well as to find love, through these dates, Shi said. Romantic desires motivate them as well, Shi added.

As the growing need for matchmaking services aimed at middle-aged and senior people has become evident, business operators are actively seeking opportunities in the market.

“Meeting people at matchmaking events at local parks has been a traditional way to find a date. But many older people who have tried this have had little success and a high risk of fraud, due to the lack of oversight mechanisms, ”said LeadLeo’s Wang.

“Reality TV shows that offer matchmaking services for middle-aged and senior people have been around for many years, and some of them have outperformed others with higher viewership and stable audiences. “she said. “The sector has also seen the development of upstream and downstream activities, constituting a relatively mature trade chain,” added the analyst.

Some of the most popular reality shows aimed at older viewers include Choice on Beijing Television’s Life Channel, Peach Blossom on Hubei Television’s Commercial Channel, The Pursuit of Happiness on Suzhou Television, Never Too Late to Meet You on Jilin Television, and Liaoning’s Choice of Love on Television.

Recently, the latter two have sparked heated discussions about dating seniors and remarriage. Some of the participants’ live conversations, such as why women often bear the heaviest burden of caring for family members, have gone viral on social media platforms. Social media influencers, who have made short videos of attendee interactions and commented on their dating patterns, are also seeing increasing numbers of subscribers, driving both traffic and money to their channels.

“As the use of smartphones has become more common among seniors, around 44% of them surf online as their primary form of entertainment. The market potential for online dating for seniors is also quite considerable, ”Wang said.

Yidui, which means “a good couple” in Chinese, is an online dating platform and mobile application. Baidu’s index analyzing user demographics shows that in Yidui, users aged 50 and over make up 46.5% of the total.

In June 2020, Yidui completed its B-cycle investment led by Xiaomi and Sky9 Capital. The app had received an investment totaling nearly $ 100 million by the end of 2020.

As an online matchmaking platform whose revenue comes in part from subscription fees, Yidui has worked hard to get users to pay for more personalized services.

An elderly person registers for the “Single Elders” twinning event held in Qingdao. WANG HAIBIN / FOR CHINA DAILY

Invitations to become a premium member from time to time appear in pop-up windows, indicating that subscribers, for 98 yuan per year, receive additional services, such as seeing who has browsed their profile and sending virtual gifts to other users. .

“Besides premium membership fees, online dating platforms also add to their revenue through advertising and marketing extras such as virtual flowers,” said Duan of AgeClub.

Unlike traditional matchmaking platforms, Yidui has online matchmakers who introduce possible dates and arrange for them to meet via the live broadcast. Yidui’s online matchmakers are paid through users’ virtual gifts and thank you money.

By the end of 2020, Yidui had over 40 million registered users and over 40,000 matchmakers online.

More and more online platforms and mobile applications specifically designed for senior dating and dating services have sprung up, including Zhiji (find someone who knows you well) and Duiban (the right partner). of life). Most platforms require users to register with their real information.

“Some middle-aged and senior users of online dating platforms are unwilling to provide their true information on personal profiles, and are reluctant to let others know that they are using the platform, making it difficult for them to platforms to distinguish user fraud as well as promote it to a wider range of potential users, ”said Shi of AgeClub.

Shi said that despite the growing need for matchmaking and the increase in the number of more open-minded people, there are still quite a few middle-aged and elderly people who are worried about the opinions of their children. and potential financial conflicts between their families and the families of new partners.

Some choose to try the matchmaking platforms without thinking, while others simply choose to live together rather than get married.

“In order to better serve these people, matchmakers need to have a better understanding of the psychological and physical needs of the group, ensure their privacy is protected, offer to conduct extensive background checks that include the opinions of their children and property distribution intentions before and after remarriage, and provide other individualized services, ”said Wang of LeadLeo.

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SelfCare1®, the World’s First Automated and Personalized Sustainable Care System to Be Showed at CES 2022 in Las Vegas | News Tue, 04 Jan 2022 15:36:00 +0000

PARIS, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – SelfCareOne, a division of Family Self Care, will attend CES 2022, January 5-8, 2022, and is proud to present the world’s first automated and personalized natural skin care system. SelfCareOne announced last month that it has been named the winner of the CES® 2022 Innovation Awards in the Health & Wellness category. Its intelligent vegetable oil care system, SelfCare1®, is changing the way we take care of ourselves. The connected device and the daily wellness cartridge work with eight organic vegetable oils that can be used for personalized formulation in real time and up to fifty programs on beauty, care, vitality and balance. The eight oils were chosen by an international scientific committee made up of doctors, aromatherapists, pharmacists and scientists.

The team is very proud to participate in this show: “After three years of research and development carried out by engineers and doctors, SelfCare1® was presented to the public this year. We are very proud to represent this sustainable care technology, and France, in the world. Our presence at CES will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to a global tech-savvy audience, to connect with potential investors, customers and partners. ”Brigitte Thito, Founder and CEO of Family Self Care.

CES is one of the most important trade fair for consumer electronics and is held annually in Las Vegas (United States). Due to the pandemic, the fair in 2021 was completely digital. CES 2022 will again take place as a physical event with a digital version.

Meet SelfCareOne at:

  • Unveil the Las Vegas Exhibition January 3 – Mandalay Bay Exhibition Hall
  • Eureka Park Jan 5-8 – Booth # 61013
  • Innovation Awards Showcase Jan 5-8 – Venetian Expo Halls AC, booth # 52952.

About SelfCareOne

Founded in 2018 by Brigitte Thito, family health expert, SelfCareOne, a division of Family Self Care, offers a preventive, natural, innovative and connected approach to everyday well-being through the use of plants. A new use of essential oils thanks to its personalization and safe precision that allows consumers to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Price of the SelfCare1® gift box: $ 429. This includes the SelfCare1® connected device, a smart cartridge pre-filled with eight selected, pure and organic essential oils (40ml), 1 bottle of pure and organic jojoba vegetable oil (50ml), 2 containers (15ml x 2) which allow customers to take their blends with them. The SelfCare1® app is available on Google play and the App Store.

About the CES 2022 Innovation Trophies

CES 2022 Innovation Awards winners, including product descriptions and photos, are available at More will be revealed in January. Many winners will showcase their winning products in the Innovation Awards showcase at CES 2022.

Owned and produced by CTA, CES 2022, the Global Innovation Stage, will bring the tech industry together in person and digitally, giving the global audience access to major brands and startups, as well as leaders and advocates of most influential industry in the world.

Visit for all CES 2022 updates, including health protocols and registration.

More information

View original content to download multimedia: -ces -2022-at-las-vegas-301453624.html

SOURCE SelfCareOne

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From Hempfield to Hollywood: makeup artist Angie Shell works on film sets; debuted at Field of Screams | Entertainment Sun, 02 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

Angie Shell got a call from someone asking if she could quickly conjure up a demon from Dominican folklore. The lead character of a short film about to shoot needed a peek. And Shell – a former Bare Minerals employee at Park City Center turned Hollywood makeup artist – was up for the challenge of “La Ciguapa.”

“She’s kind of like that mermaid, succubus character that I adored,” Shell said of the star demon who would be hitting the camera in less than two weeks.

“I got the call at the last minute from the producer who said, ‘Can you do it? “,” Shell said. “I was like, ‘Oh, yeah. I can’t hit the wall with this. But with the time we have, I could totally do something horrible to you.’

So Shell drove from her North Hollywood home to a weekend shoot in Sequoia National Park in November. The 22-year-old former Hempfield High School student was armed with quick folk research, airbrushes, makeup, a heavy dose of inspiration from “The Grudge” and a set of “Sharp, tiny and terrifying teeth” à la the original Pennywise the Clown, from “It”. After filming was finished, Shell collapsed for a few rare minutes of relaxation in a hammock among the massive trees.

She says she has had just enough time to put together a successful creature.

“That’s a lot of what is happening with this line of work,” says Shell. “It’s in a hurry to wait. And you absolutely want to be on your feet all the time because you never know when someone is going to contact you with something awesome.

Lay a foundation

Shell (that’s her professional name; her full name is Shellhamer) began her makeup career years ago when her older brother was a scary actor at Mountville-based horror attraction Field of Screams. She also wanted to participate and around the age of 15 she had a chance with the makeup team. Shell remembers being given a five to ten minute crash course in the basics and being immersed in the mix.

“My favorite thing was liquid latex and cotton balls,” Shell says. “It was my jam when I was younger. I thought I was literally like Tom Savini with it.

Savini is a Pittsburgh native known in part for makeup and special effects on projects like “Day (and Dawn) of the Dead”, “Creepshow” and some of the “Friday the 13th” movies.

“My ego exploded so fast. I didn’t even know what I was doing, ”Shell says, laughing at some of his early trips to Field of Screams.

“Before they had their big make-up room that they have now, they had this tiny little shed,” Shell says. “There we all learned from each other. … It was kind of like, “What can you do with these products that we put in front of you?” “”

Finally, Field of Screams added makeup and special effects classes.

“And that’s where I started to learn, grow and develop a serious passion for it as an artist,” she says.

Angie Shell makes up one of the main zombies of the short film “Don’t Look Back”. Shell says filmmakers often decide which zombies have the most time for special effects based on who will be up front and therefore most likely to be seen on camera.

Heading west

It was different with high school. Shell says she tended to worry and – as is her observation of many artists – to be incredibly hard on herself. She dropped out of Hempfield High School in her senior year and, after some goal scouting, set a goal of earning enough money to travel to Hollywood. (She later got her GED.)

“I started saving money by working at Bare Minerals during the day and night I was on the sorting line at UPS,” she says.

It was during the holidays. In the spring she worked at the Schopf Brother factory stand when she was not on duty to sell makeup and skin care products at Bare Minerals. She also organized photo shoots and wedding parties, all in an effort to save enough to go to school in California.

“I kind of became a jack of all trades. I have learned so many weird facts about plants. And the sorting line helped me with my work ethic and stamina, ”she says. “It definitely prepared me for those 13 hour days that I now do on movie sets.”

Her first step upon arriving in California was to attend school at Make-Up Designory. Then the world suddenly changed because of COVID-19.

“I was enrolled in an eight-month program, but attended it for about two years because of the pandemic,” Shell says,

It was not easy, says his father, Eric Shellhamer of East Petersburg.

Living shell1 J2.jpg

Angie Shell makes up an actor on a film set.

“The confinement in LA has been particularly brutal. Here you have a 21 year old from Pennsylvania who didn’t know anyone stuck in an apartment doing nothing. Week after week. She couldn’t go anywhere, ”says Shellhamer.

He is proud of his daughter, who painted her Barbies, and is eager to see where her career is going.

Advice from a mentor

Jim Schopf will also be listening. Schopf, who with his brother Gene runs Field of Screams, likes to see where those who worked there end up. It ticks off the names of Shell, tattoo artist Destiny Patton, and Jarred Alcala, owner of Shattered FX, which sells silicone masks to customers around the world.

“It’s a great place for people who have an artistic talent to really develop and hone their skills,” Schopf said.

When it comes to makeup, this is more true now than when the now nationally recognized Field of Screams began in the early 1990s. Today there are summer training filled with professional instructions.

“Back then, we weren’t doing any makeup,” he says. “These were masks that we could collect from… Spencer or wherever.”

Schopf thanks Shell mentor Jeremy Spickler for helping to take the makeup of Field of Screams to the next level. He taught lessons when Shell worked there. Spickler died in September.

“Until his death, I always called him for advice,” Shell says. “He has truly guided so many artists to pursue their dreams and pursue their passion.”

Spickler also spoke to her about the importance of marketing – something Shell takes seriously. She developed a slogan: “farm girl pretending not to be a farm girl”.

“People always have fun with it,” she said. “But most Angelinos are like, ‘Oh, nobody from LA is actually from LA. “”

She loves meeting other Pennsylvanians.

“When people come from the East Coast, you look at yourself and you just know. You connect, ”she said. “It helps build that community of people you can trust and count on because – it’s really sad to say – but it can be a scary town sometimes where you really can’t trust you. ‘anyone.”

Living shell2 J2.jpg

Make-up artist Angie Shell is working on the set of “Star City Murders”, a thriller / mystery she worked on for about a month.

A tangible dream

Shell often works on sets with her boyfriend, Jake Porath, another makeup artist who was introduced to her by a friend she made years ago on a mission trip to Mexico.

Before meeting him for their first coffee, she had looked at photos of makeup recreations he had made from some of his favorite movies. She has a lot of them. Among them: “The Exorcist”, “Midsommar” and “The Return of the Living Dead”.

One of his favorite projects so far has been a zombie movie. She especially enjoyed working on a character who hid in a church with her son following a bite.

“It was cool because I was able to do the transition makeup from a human to a zombie,” she says. “It was such a challenge, but it turned out incredible.”

“At first … (the director) just wanted him to bleed from his eyes and ears,” Shell says. “Then he stepped back and said, ‘What prosthetics do you have on you? “”

She broke her selection and the director chose a sparkling neck prosthesis.

“It looked like he had veins sticking out of his neck,” she says. “Oh, that was brutal.”

It’s right in his alley. However, Shell says she’s learned that she does well to switch between spooky projects and projects involving beauty work. It helps with the creative flow, she says.

One of her goals for 2022 is to work with Doja Cat, a Los Angeles-born and raised musician and sweetheart of TikTok, who Shell says is building a reputation for herself in the special effects industry. Her boyfriend shares this goal.

“We are desperate to work with it,” says Shell. “I got close at one point (in 2021), but it just fell apart.”

She would also like to do more prosthetics and accessories – something she dove into last year.

So does Shell already feel like she’s in her own movie? Absolutely, she says, while adding that she has reservations about admitting it.

“When you move to LA, you kind of jump into that bubble. … It’s very cool but it feels like everyone is in their own movie and everyone is the main character, ”she says. “They are either the girl from a small town to any rural farming town they just tried to make it big or whatever their trip.”

Like her, most of the people she meets now have long dreamed of Hollywood. But don’t expect his ego to swell as big as this iconic sign.

“I really aim to be a real person so that the next dropout who wants to move on and change their life will look at me – also a high school dropout – and say, ‘Oh, yeah. It is achievable, ”adds Shell. “It is not this crazy and distant fantasy that does not exist. It’s true. It is quite tangible.

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