Brand New Laifen Swift Hairdryer Coming Soon

“In the past, the smartphone revolution offered everyone a colorful, fast, convenient and higher quality life. Today, the same revolution is taking place in personal care, and Laifen is one of those revolutionaries” , Hongxin Ye, remarked the CEO of Laifen in reference to the launch of the Laifen Swift. “We are driven by a vision of bringing new experiences to our customers, with each product proving to be a complete upgrade from traditional products of the same type.”

The Laifen Swift uses innovative technology to address general hair issues largely overlooked by consumers. The powerful 110,000 rpm brushless motor with advanced internal aerodynamics creates a high degree of air pressure through the “Kanda Effect” to produce strong airflow up to 22m/s to straighten hair. In addition, the built-in high-precision temperature sensor and microprocessor enable real-time air temperature calibration up to 100 times per second to ensure that the air outlet temperature does not exceed 176℉ and the scalp temperature is controlled at around 122℉, effectively avoiding the risk of burns.

With a built-in tri-color light ring, the Laifen Swift makes temperature changes more intuitive. Aimed at solving hair quality problems for users, the device contains 200 million highly concentrated negative ions that neutralize static electricity and smooth frizz. Compared to traditional hair dryers. The Laifen Swift adopts various noise reduction technologies to reduce noise levels to 59dB.

The series is available in four color styles with a magnetic suction nozzle for quick styling for only $159.

For more information, please visit the Laifen page.

About Laifen

Founded in 2019, Laifen is located in Hong Kong, Chinaand its founder, Hongxin Ye, is committed to promoting the popularity of high-speed hair dryers and bringing cutting-edge technology into the lives of the masses. With rich experience in engine technology and structural innovation, Laifen has 26 patents, passed hundreds of professional tests, and obtained patents in the US and EU.

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