Aptar single-material pump, recycling beauty packaging no longer possible

One of the many obstacles to recycling beauty packaging is that a given container can be made of many different materials, metals, plastics with various Resin Identification Codes (RICs), etc. Mono-material solutions, as the name suggests, are made of a single material: one type of metal or one type of resin.

Aptar’s new Future pumps are made from PC (polycarbonate) or PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic. And since many bottles of cosmetics and hygiene products are made of these same materials, the entire packaging in this case (once clean and empty) would be all the more recyclable.

“Our ultimate goal was for the end consumer to be able to take away their body lotion, shampoo or shower gel and easily put the empty packaging in their recycling bin. “Explains Sabine Bouillet-Lubot, Global Strategic Marketing Director of Aptar Beauty and Home, in a press kit shared with Cosmetics Design. “This way,”she says, “it goes into a circular life cycle and can be turned into another product.”In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

APTAR designs sustainable beauty packaging ready for Amazon

The demand for environmentally friendly packaging is driving innovation today, but so are the nuances of e-commerce. And that’s why APTAR’s new line of Future pumps are designed with an on-off locking ring that clicks twice when rotated to the fully open or fully closed position.

This design element means that Future pumps comply with e-commerce giant Amazon’s ISTA 6 protocol. “Designed for e-commerce, Future’s ISTA 6 compliance ensures that the pump withstands the risks associated with transmission and distribution network pressures and requires less protective cardboard and paper packaging.” APTAR note.

Retailers have a remarkable impact on cosmetics and personal care packaging

Retailers like Whole Foods (now owned by Amazon) and Credo have had a very real influence on the formulation of ingredients and beauty products in recent years, as the standards they set for brands have sparked a backlash in recent years. chain in the industry supply chain.

Now, protocols such as those set by Amazon for e-commerce shipping and those set by Credo for sustainable beauty packaging are also driving changes in the beauty industry. This influence is not lost on the APTAR team.

Late last year, the beauty packaging maker worked closely with Credo to become the first supplier to offer packaging components pre-approved to meet the beauty retailer’s sustainability guidelines. clean.

“As a leader in the packaging industry, our mission is to help partner brands in their sustainable development journey while working towards our own circular economy objectives” Philippe Erhart, president of APTAR Beauty and Home here in North America, commented at the time. And he went on to explain that, “By prequalifying our sustainable products… with Credo guidelines, we hope to facilitate easier sourcing and provide clear advice on the environmental impacts of our products.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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