Anti-aging and anti-acne LED skincare tools

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  • Works in three minutes
  • Small size easily identifies rashes
  • Combines red and blue light therapy in one device
  • Travel friendly
  • No mess

      The inconvenients:

      • Can only be used once a day on each acne spot
      • Must keep the device in place for the duration of the treatment

        Fans of celebrity red carpet beauty prep before awards shows, galas and more may already be familiar with the SolaWave Advanced Therapy Skin Care Wand, a compact microcurrent and LED light therapy tool that editors (including this writer) and professional makeup artists love its sculpting, anti-aging, and anti-acne benefits.

        To complement the decongestant and softening effects of her Skincare Wand which features Nicole Kidman and Sydney Sweeney, seen at approximately 6:54 from her BAZAAR go to bed with me video—love, the brand launched a new innovation earlier this month: the Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment. The simple tool aims to reduce mild to moderate acne in three minutes, with just the press of a button. The Pocket Spot Treatment is SolaWave’s first that combines both red and blue light therapy to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, eliminating acne-causing bacteria, lightening hyperpigmentation and minimizing blemishes. persistent inflammation.

        Sola Wave

        Bye Bye Acne: 3 Minute Spot Treatment Light Therapy

        Since I’ve struggled with acne-prone skin for about as long as I’ve been wearing a bra, I took it upon myself to test Bye Acne’s quick onset for zapping pimples. and see how it compares to my beloved salicylic acid. topical creams.

        Read on for my thoughts on SolaWave’s small but mighty acne device after testing it for two weeks, but first, a quick primer on its LED light therapy.

        How does the Bye Acne Spot Treatment use targeted blue and red light to balance the skin?

        The Bye Acne Spot Treatment combines red and blue LED light, often referred to as “visible light” because its colors are clearly visible to the naked eye, to treat active and potential breakouts while promoting collagen production. The blue LEDs in SolaWave’s spot treatment device have a wavelength of 415 nanometers, which is long enough to penetrate the epidermis, or the outermost, thinnest layer of your skin. Its red LEDs go a little further – at 630 nanometers – to penetrate the dermis, or the middle and thickest layer of the skin. The dermis contains collagen and elastin to support its overall structure. Because the Acne Tool’s built-in lamp is not powered by UV light, it won’t burn your skin and instead provides a soothing, warm feeling on your face.

        “I’ve been a beautician for 28 years and I’ve been using LEDs in my treatment room for 15 years,” says Angela Caglia. “I love using LEDs because my philosophy is to protect and nourish the lipid barrier. There are many invasive treatments, whether needles or lasers, that work to trick the skin into believing that “She was injured to rebuild the collagen. But if you use LEDs, they actually heal the outermost layer of the skin, or lipid barrier.” According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, visible light is not effective against blackheads, whiteheads, acne cysts, or nodules.

        Through my testing of a number of skin care methods over the years, I tried visible light therapy with a professional esthetician and loved it. So I was hoping this device would provide similar results when it came to reducing my acne prone areas.

        How I tested

        Although I wanted to use the Bye Acne device in back-to-back treatment sessions, SolaWave made it clear that the tool is designed to be used once a day on a pimple for a few days. The brand recommends the user to do a light sensitivity test and wait 24 hours before using it on their face, so I tried it on my inner forearm first. My skin looked fine the day after the treatment, so I moved on to my face.

        I used the device every day in testing on different areas depending on my breakouts. While it might seem a bit daunting to sit for three minutes while the device works its magic, it helpfully uses a series of beeps – one to three – that let me know how many minutes have passed.

        Ease of use

        The Bye Acne device really couldn’t be easier to use – all you need is a working power outlet and a bit of patience. After letting it charge for 30 minutes and washing my face, I simply place the tool on my pimple and wait three minutes for its treatment to complete. And since it has a single button that turns it on and off, the tool isn’t too complicated.

        solawave 2022 review
        Let’s take a closer look at the SolaWave Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment.

        Sola Wave

        Price value

        At $99 (and currently on sale for $79), I think this rechargeable tool gives you great value for your money, mainly because it includes two types of LED lights to brighten, calm, and rejuvenate the skin. According to SolaWave, the device has a life cycle of about two years, which could help you save money on over-the-counter spot treatments in the long run.

        The verdict

        This tool is perfectly suited, both in size and capacity, to help manage random acne breakouts whether you’re at home or on the go. It’s also user-friendly for experienced skincare enthusiasts or new at-home tools, making it a truly versatile essential. Although it didn’t instantly eliminate all my breakouts, I noticed an immediate size difference in my pimples right after the first session. And with continued use (about two or three treatments for average pimples), areas of my skin cleared up completely.

        For those looking for a larger breakout tool, we recommend trying SolaWave’s Breakout Wand with Blue Light Therapy, which covers larger areas of your face to rid it of bacteria that cause breakouts. acne.

        Final score: 4.0

        Whether you have frequent breakouts or are looking to get rid of the occasional breakout, the SolaWave Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment is a great complement to its lifting and radiance-enhancing sister device, the Advanced Skincare Wand. with Red Light Therapy, and deserves to be added to any skincare rotation. If you’re new to LED light therapy, we recommend starting slowly when incorporating it into your routine, like most new beauty products.

        The SolaWave Bye Acne: The 3 minute light therapy spot treatment is available to buy online at

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