American consumers are leaving the pandemic behind

NCSolutions’ National Consumer Survey was conducted between June 2021 with 2,094 respondents, aged 18 and over. The results represent consumers ‘sentiment on beauty and personal care and also highlight the impact of advertising on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Two in three Americans (67%) say advertising plays a significant role in influencing their cosmetic and personal care choices.

“The power of advertising is abundantly evident in these survey results, in which 66% of consumers report purchasing a product after seeing an advertisement for it,” said Lance Brothers, Director of Revenue, NCSolutions. “Now is a pivotal time for beauty and personal care brands to remind people of the category and products consumers may have left behind. It’s time to reinforce the need for the brand as everyone navigates a more social world that is ‘in person’ and not just through a camera lens. “

The survey found that 58% of consumers say that price is the main factor determining their decision to buy a product, followed by the look and feel of the product (54%), their trust in the brand (46 %), product availability (35%) and healthy ingredients (33%). When looking for inspiration or ideas for beauty and grooming, 36% of consumers turn to the internet, 34% to television and 27% to social media.

“As more and more employees return to the office and mask mandates are lifted, Americans are once again refocusing on appearance and looking their best,” said Linda duprée, CEO, NCSolutions. “This category is set to grow, especially as we enter the holiday season, followed by the reopening of schools and offices in late summer and fall. Deodorant brands, along with other beauty and skincare advertisers, now have the ability to reach out, echo, and ultimately influence purchases. ”

In the survey, 39% of American consumers say they plan to increase their spending on beauty products and 38% say they will increase their purchases in-store rather than online. More than half (55%) of consumers plan to increase their consumption of at least one beauty product; 34% say they will use more hand soap, 25% more deodorant, 24% more mouthwash, 24% more shower gel, and 17% more makeup.

The pandemic has sparked greater interest in health, which is also impacting the market for beauty and personal care products. According to the survey results, 41% of consumers prioritize sustainable beauty products and almost a quarter (21%) seek vegan product choices.

Sales of trial-size beauty and personal care products are another indication of the trend for American on the go. According to NCS CPG purchasing data, trial size products increased 87% in May 2021, compared to May 2020. Spending on tanning products also increased 43% year over year as summer approached.

Consumers also spent more on hair tonics (+ 21%), deodorants (+ 18%), hairsprays and styling products (+ 7%) and oral hygiene (+ 6%) for the month, compared to to the previous year (May 2020).

Consumers report that they have returned to the beauty and grooming routines they followed before the pandemic. According to the survey results, 61% of consumers describe their current routine as “good to excellent”, which is close to pre-pandemic levels of 63%. By comparison, only 47% of consumers described their routines this way during the pandemic.

Additionally, the percentage of Americans who report spending more time on morning beauty and grooming routines has increased. In the past month, 76% of Americans report spending as much or more time getting ready in the morning, up from 59% during the pandemic.

Americans also show a strong desire to socialize more in person. For example, 70% of consumers say they plan to eat out at least several times a month, and 44% say they are likely to visit entertainment venues, such as theaters and concert venues, multiple times. per month this summer.

Employees also expect to be back at their workplaces by early summer. In fact, 33% say they have already left their home office. However, July (14%), August (18%) and September (11%) will see the largest wave of workers leaving their home offices to return to the employer according to the consumer survey.

During the pandemic, more than a third (34%) of Americans worked in a home office, and one in four (25%) will continue to do so even if the pandemic subsides. According to the survey, three in four people (75%) say they will work somewhere other than their home office. This includes those who will be working at the employer’s physical location, in retail establishments, in the field and elsewhere.

This increased need for these products is reflected in consumer spending according to consumer purchasing data that owns NCS. Beauty product sales have been on a gradual upward trajectory from their trough at the height of the pandemic in March 2020. During Christmas week 2020, beauty product sales increased by 8% year-on-year and Easter week by 40% year-on-year. The category has returned to its 2019 levels.

Overall household food expenditure in all categories remains high in terms of May 2021, up 11% compared to May 2019.

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