After all, what is the secret of Yami Gautam’s beauty, find out here

Yami Gautam, popularly known as the Fair and Lovely Girl, is far ahead in terms of beauty. She is one of those actresses who also attract a lot of people to the No Makeup Look. Indeed, Yami is like an actress who takes care of her skin by adopting Indian recipes. Some time ago the actress revealed this in an interview. Today we are going to tell you the secret of Yami’s glowing skin.

Herbal productsIt is very important to have the best diet for beautiful skin. In such a situation, Yami’s routine is to mix 1 teaspoon of honey in lemon water and drink it. Yami says she uses the same brand of herbal skincare products because it detoxifies her skin and brings a glow to her face.

Balanced diet – To nourish the skin well, she likes to take salads, green vegetables and light foods in her diet. Along with this, she drinks fresh juice every day. Other than that, Yami stays away from spicy fast food so that there is no rash or pimples on her skin.

Homemade scrub- Yami rubs in 1/2 tsp powdered sugar adding 1/2 tsp turmeric and honey. After the exfoliation, she cleans the face with a cold towel so that the skin cools down. Apart from that, she massages the face by mixing curd and milk in rice flour.

Coconut water massage- She also uses coconut oil to remove her makeup. She drinks coconut water and applies it on her face. Apart from that, Yami prepares a packet of glycerin with honey, lemon, and rose water and applies it on the face.

Wash hair with vinegar – Yami washes hair with 1 cup of vinegar after shampooing.

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