Adults in Oregon healthcare facilities finally get vaccines

Thousands of vulnerable category 1A people who felt excluded from the state’s immunization plan are finally receiving the vaccine.

PORTLAND, Oregon – Thousands of vulnerable people in Oregon await the Covid vaccine now get it through mobile clinics.

KGW has reported on the frustration of many owners of adult foster homes when they tried to get their residents vaccinated.

“They deserve, you know, to get it now rather than later,” said Gina Roberts, owner of A Place to Call Home in Tigard, Oregon.

Roberts was scheduled to ship the vaccine to his facility via CVS on February 10. After receiving several emails from the drugstore chain, she said they canceled the clinic at her home.

CVS did not give a clear answer as to why it removed Roberts’ establishment from the immunization schedule.

Roberts then tried to get his residents vaccinated through a mobile clinic for weeks.

“I love these people, so I have to do what I can to protect them,” Roberts said.

On Monday, his efforts paid off when Jamie McDaniel, an occupational health worker with American Medical Response (AMR), showed up to vaccinate healthcare workers and residents of Roberts.

AMR is contracted out by the Oregon Health Authority to deliver the vaccine to adult foster homes and other facilities statewide.

“I saw the news article from last week and was so happy to come here today and give it to them. We are reaching them as quickly as possible, ”McDaniel said of the other adult foster homes being vaccinated.

Residents like Ray Hare, 95, a World War II veteran, felt relief for the first time in months.

“Well, I’m feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago,” Hare said.

McDaniel said his teams were carrying out between 10 and 15 missions per day, resulting in up to 100 vaccines.

“I love coming to these facilities. These people are so excited to see us. I feel like there is hope, that we have a future. There is something to look forward to,” a McDaniel said.

The Oregon Department of Social Services provided an update on administering the vaccine to all adult foster homes via email:

To date, 492 adult foster homes have received an immunization opportunity with 1,203 vaccines administered. These data relate only to adult foster homes approved by the Office of Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) of the ODHS.

ODHS and OHA have recently been able to extend support to these homes with a variety of solutions that continue to evolve, including:

• AMR (American Medical Response) secured to support on-site vaccines for select adult foster homes in Washington County and allocated 3,100 vaccines for adult foster homes in the region; Washington County has a high concentration of adult APD foster homes.

• Allocation of 4,800 additional Johnson & Johnson vaccines for adult foster homes in Baker, Clackamas, Douglas and Multnomah counties. These areas either have a high concentration of adult foster homes or have implementation challenges.

• As additional vaccines become available, it is expected that approximately 3,000 to 3,600 doses per week will be allocated to adult foster homes and a priority group of high-end ODHS home consumers. risk.

• Finally, the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine has just been released online and will improve the ability to immunize hard-to-reach people, such as rural / border counties, as well as non-ambulatory people.

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