5 mistakes to undo before and after the session with your fabric masks

A good skin care game is always in order. Each season expects your skin to adapt to its commands, but what remains constant is the need to keep your skin hydrated. This is when you trade and invest in products that work best. Most of us turn to a sheet mask for quick hydration. It also makes you want to like the concept of bonuses a little too much because it also gives a boost. Some of us don’t even wait until the weekend to put on a mask, we just wear it over our face and spin a jade roller for maximum care.

Are you that person? Slathering on a sheet mask is tempting and I totally vouch for it. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you need to practice good hygiene if you want your products to do you any good. So, are you wearing your mask well and making sure you don’t swear by sloppy steps? Don’t make mistakes that may or may not seem obvious. Read these tips and get started with a relaxing mask session.

1) Leave your face oily and unwashed

Do you want the sheet mask serum to find its way to stick to the deepest layer of your skin that is filled with grime? That’s a big no. Cleanse your skin to unclog pores with a mild facial cleanser and paste the face mask. This will prepare your skin to better soak up the formula.

2) Choosing the wrong mask

The packaging of a sheet mask is for sale. But, would your skin buy it? Look for ingredients that can help your skin rather than agents that can cause skin irritation.

3) Keep the mask on beyond said time

Read the cover and note the time before you lace up your face with the sheet mask. Don’t let it sit for hours and if you do, you might see the benefits reverse. The hydration that may have lent to your skin will soon be taken back if your sheet mask starts to dry out.

4) Give a masking post-cleanse

Did you throw away your mask? Now, don’t go straight to the toilet to clean your skin and pat it dry. Let the ingredients do what they’re meant to do so they can help improve your skin. Immediate cleaning can prove that your masking session is an exercise in futility.

5) Forgetting that you have a skincare routine to follow

A sheet mask can in no way complement your daily skincare routine. It does not replace or substitute any product, but rather offers extensive support. You should apply the essentials like moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream.

Did you make these mistakes? Let us know in the comments below.

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