25 AAPI-owned beauty brands to support

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One of my favorite weekend things to do is organize my mess of all my beauty products during the week. Every Saturday, I put my lipsticks back in their respective holders and put my hair and masks away in my bathroom mirror. Other products like facial oils, sunscreens, and moisturizers are gaining premium real estate on my desk.

As I was organizing a few weeks ago, I was struck by the number of my favorites owned and developed by members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. As AAPI Heritage Month draws to a close – and because support for the AAPI community is expected to extend beyond 31 days per year – I take a look at 25 of the best hair care, hair care. skin and makeup belonging to AAPI. products scattered around my apartment. Read on for a foolproof bronzer, highly effective anti-acne stickers, gentle retinol pads and more.

Tatcha The Rice Wash Skin Softening Cleanser

I know, lathering facial cleansers have gotten a bad rap lately, but Victoria Tsai’s Tatcha Rice Wash lathered very lightly for a deep yet gentle cleansing that leaves your skin feeling soft and not stripped. The Cut’s beauty director, Kathleen Hou, agrees.

Youthforia BYO Blush

This oil appears green in the tube but transforms into your own perfect shade of blush when it comes in contact with your skin. I also use it on my lips for a subtle rose wash, but the best part is that Youthforia founder Fiona Co Chan decided to create makeup that you don’t have to wash off at the end of the night. . So if you are too tired and fall asleep, there is no guilt – Chan and her husband slept wearing Youthforia products for two months to make sure.

Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

This balm was my introduction to double cleansing, and I never felt pressured to look for a substitute. Created by Charlotte Cho, it melts every bit of makeup and dirt on your face, and it smells (and looks) like delicious citrus sorbet.

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

U Beauty founder Tina Craig promises that her resurfacing compound can replace toner, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, AHAs, physical exfoliators, and retinol products while providing vitreous skin. I was able to add it to my lineup without any irritation – even though you’re extremely sensitive, slow, and steady is the name of the game – and saw noticeable brightness a week later.

Supernatural Cosmic Shine Oil

Founded by Melissa Medvedich, Supernal makes a Cosmic Glow Oil that leaves my skin silky and perfectly glowing but never greasy. It helps to fade pigmentation marks left by pimples. And if you’re worried about the price, you can stretch the product out for a few months – I use, at most, five drops in the morning and five at night, and that’s more than enough to pat it all over my face and neck. It’s also endorsed by New York’s favorite facial, Sofie Pavitt, and Golde’s founder, Trinity Mouzon Wofford.

Maelove Glow Maker

Some YouTube beauty vloggers are calling this antioxidant serum a SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic dupe, which costs $ 166. And like CE Ferulic, it contains ascorbic acid (a pure form of vitamin C), ferulic acid, and vitamin E to lighten dark spots and protect your skin. You only need a few drops a day, so you can stretch the bottle for a few weeks.

Hero Cosmetics Original Mighty Patch Acne Patches

Hero Cosmetics is a great clarifying prebiotic moisturizer, but the real hero of the Ju Rhyu brand is Mighty Patch hydrocolloid. The patches greatly reduce the size of my pimples, but they are particularly effective in preventing picking.

Tower 28 Beauty Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer

This Creamy Tower 28 Bronzer from Amy Liu is foolproof, especially if, like me, you have a hard time using makeup brushes. I dab some of it with my fingers along my forehead, nose and cheeks to create a subtle outline and lightly tap to blend.

Ellis Brooklyn SALT Eau de Parfum

Warm and, yes, salty, Ellis Brooklyn’s SALT scent, founded by Bee Shapiro, reminds me of a perfect day at the beach. It’s perfect for long summer days, especially those when you can’t get close to the ocean.

Summer Fridays Nourishing Summer Skin Body Lotion

I know a product is especially good when my mom loves it too, and this body lotion from Marianna Hewitt’s Summer Fridays suspiciously disappeared quickly from my desk. It’s light but still hydrating and has a light coconut smell.

Soft Services Carea Cream Daily Tonic Lotion

Co-founded by Rebecca Zhou, Soft Services aims to address bodily concerns such as keratosis pilaris and dryness. Its daily tonic lotion hydrates while lightly exfoliating with urea, squalene and colloidal oatmeal. It is also odorless.

Private Practice by Dr. Koo Ph-Optimum Level 1 Retinol Support Pads (30 Day Supply)

Developed by Doctor Michele Koo, certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, these pads are particularly suitable for retinol novices and sensitive skin. After using them for a full month, I only encountered a slight bleeding on my chin, which Dr Koo warned me about, and no dryness or flaking.

EM Cosmetics Moonbeam Cushion Highlighter

This Michelle Phan Highlighter Cushion is initially sheer, but you can build it up to the level of sheen you want. On a scale of one at makeup artist Nam Vo, I aim for a six with three subtle dabs along my cheekbones.

KraveBeauty Great Barrier Relief

Skin barriers are the latest hot topic of beauty – many people find theirs compromised after a year of experimenting with strong acids and treatments. If you find that your skin itches even with the mildest products, you can bring it back completely to Liah Yoo’s Great Barrier Relief, which calms sensitivity with niacinamide and a trio of tamanu, safflower, and rose oils. musky.

Circumference Active Repairing Moisturizer

This moisturizer saved my skin during the brutal winter of 2020. Co-Founders Jina Kim and Chris Young combined some of the oils in their Pure Balancing Botanical Face Oil with Peptides, Snow Mushroom Extract, and Vitis Extract. -vinifera (grape leaf) from the brand’s Waste-Not Sourcing initiative, which aims to identify opportunities to find ‘bio-waste and by-products of agricultural industries and test and formulate with them for health care purposes. the skin”.

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All-in-One Cream

Marketing Director Jude Chao uses this moisturizer as an eye cream. She said, “It smoothed out the fine lines I had under my eyes and tightened up some crumpled that I had started to notice on my upper lids.” I use it all over my face and it gives my skin a slight bounce under makeup.

Clean Candle 'Another Life'

Carol Han Pyle decided to build Nette as a “cleaner” alternative to candles on the market. She says, “Don’t call anyone, but a popular brand of candles uses paraffin for their wax – it’s the cheapest wax and a fossil fuel.” Also: “Almost no candle offers 100% ingredient transparency. Hiding your ingredients behind the overall “fragrance” label sounds so old school, you know? My favorite of her products is “Another Life,” which has a subtle hint of lavender combined with vanilla and cedarwood.

ONE / SIZE by Patrick Starrr Visionary Eye-Shadow Palette

I like to imagine that Patrick Starrr created the ONE / SIZE eyeshadow palette by peeking into my brain. This is exactly what I’m looking for: a range of browns and terra-cottas with sparkling undertones for a dramatic effect.

Shaz & Kiks Back to Your Roots Scalp + Hair Prewash

I’m trying to find out more about my hair needs with the Back to Your Roots Prewash from Shaz & Kik. The whipped and creamy mask has been formulated with over 25 herbs, oils and flowers commonly used in Ayurvedic practices. After application, my very fine hair is soft but not greasy or weighed down.

Jin Soon

Jin Soon’s “Dotty” nail polish is a great garnish on solid colors – I like to do a few coats on an orange-red shade like Essie’s “Geranium”.

Gods Deliverance Serum

A third of Gods, Joyce De Lemons is also the chemist behind the brand’s products, and she formulated this serum to target fine lines, irritation, and uneven tone with CBD and niacinamide. If you want to avoid the “retinol ugliness” before incorporating a new retinol into your routine, this is the bottle to go for. (It’s currently sold out, but you can get on the waiting list.)

Cadence The Capsule

Created by Stephanie Hon, these waterproof, magnetic capsules can hold just about anything – cosmetics, jewelry, pills. I use mine to reduce my packaging (admittedly requiring a lot of maintenance).

CLE Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder

I became obsessed with wearing lipstick on November 20, 2020. I know the exact date because that’s the day I first tried this lipstick from CLE Cosmetics, founded by Lauren Jin, and posted a photo on Instagram. It turns from powder to a deep matte wash on your lips. You can also slide it over your cheeks for blush or over your eyelids for shadow.

Cocofloss Delicious Mint

This dental floss from sisters Chrystle Cu (dentist) and Cat Cu (artist) is the best. It’s a bit thicker than the other yarns, but it removes every bit of dirt. It’s so good I asked for refill coils for Christmas.

Eadem Milk Marvel Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Photo: Courtesy of EADEM

Eadem, co-founded by Alice Lin Glover, creates products specially designed for melanin-rich skin. Its first product, a serum to target hyperpigmentation, was in fact tested on people of color in lab tests, a rarity in the beauty industry.

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