16-year-old student-athlete starts small business

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (WPVI) – “It’s really like a wacky idea to be, like, an entrepreneur at 16,” said Bianca Brown. “But I think you have to believe that you can do it yourself.”

The Springfield High School junior had always loved arts and crafts as a child. So when her busy schedule was cut off by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bianca turned to her past to design her future.

“During my quarantine, I was really uncomfortable doing nothing all day,” she said. “So I started making, like, soaps and, like, new crafts and stuff.”

Bianca ordered ingredients and mixed them together to create uniquely shaped soaps, colorful body butters, and delicate jewelry.

I could really start a business doing this, she thought.

So, Bianca created SimplyB LLC, a beauty brand that initially sold personal care products to friends and family. Through the use of the TikTok social media app, Bianca was able to reach thousands of people and build a following nationwide.

“I literally woke up with 50 orders the next day,” she said after her first video went viral. “I don’t even know how I really do all of this, to be honest with you.”

Bianca is one of the busiest bees to create a buzz in her high school. She is the student council treasurer, plays varsity volleyball, does track and field, and recently started a black student union. Bianca is involved in the community service club and is also a member of the National Honor Society and the WEB DuBois Honor Society.

With his high marks, it’s clear that none of his academic responsibilities take precedence over his small business. But despite everything, Bianca succeeds both as a student and as a businesswoman.

“She’s literally running the show and it’s so, it makes me so proud to sit down and watch her do that,” said Bianca’s mom Takia Brown.

Takia enjoys helping her daughter with the muscle work involved in her business, especially when she is working as a saleswoman at public events. She is Bianca’s biggest fan.

“Being a single parent of a teenager can be very complicated,” Takia said. “And she makes parenting so easy because she’s a leader and she also makes good decisions.”

Bianca hopes to continue to grow her brand in the future and potentially become an influencer to help other young teens and children achieve their dreams.

“I really want to show other kids how to be young entrepreneurs, do like, dos and don’ts, the things I learned throughout this, and feel like someone would be inspired. by me, ”she said.

To learn more about SimplyB LLC, visit their website.

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