15 gay-owned beauty brands to buy and support right now

Pride Month is all about recognizing, celebrating and supporting people in the LGBTQ + community. And in the beauty realm, there is a wealth of incredible talent to be discovered and discovered, not to mention shopping. That being said, TZR is highlighting gay-owned beauty brands – including makeup, skin, hair, and fragrances – to support this June and always.

Some of these brands you are probably already familiar with, such as the skin and hair care brand Malin + Goetz (beloved by beauty editors and influencers), or maybe the Dragun Beauty brand of sought-after makeup artist Nikita. Dragun. On the other hand, you might be hearing about many gay-owned brands for the first time, like the rising fragrance brand Snif, which is pioneering a new way to buy perfumes by allowing consumers to test the products at home before purchasing. .

Aside from buying from gay-owned beauty brands, there are plenty of other steps you can take to support this LGBTQ + community this month (and, of course, beyond). “People can support the queer community by listening, donating to nonprofits, volunteering at their local LGBTQ + center,” Patrick Kelly, founder of celebrity-favorite fragrance brand Sigil, told TZR. “Read some classic works – James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Christopher Isherwood.” Additionally, Kelly recommends learning about the history of the community’s struggle. “And just show yourself: Know the current issues, share them with those in your community who might not know a lot of queer people,” he adds. “Be a community activator.

Ready to check out tons of trendy and up-and-coming beauty brands? Below, learn more about 15 gay-owned makeup, skincare, hair and perfume brands.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Shop gay owned makeup brands

Beauty Dragun

Nikita Dragun, makeup artist and YouTuber, founded Dragun Beauty to empower beauty gurus of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities. In fact, the brand has a product for everyone. Fill your makeup bag with everything from the contour palette, lipsticks, powder and more.

Beauty Fluid

The philosophy of the Fluide Beauty brand is make-up for everyone. Dev Doee, the brand’s creative director, is responsible for its unique photo style, modeling, marketing strategy and product development. Add sparkle to your summer makeup routine with its Aura Glitter.

The people of W3LL

Co-founded by makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, W3LL People offers a wide selection of makeup and skin care products that contain herbal ingredients like green tea, turmeric and rose hips. If you’re located in Austin, TX, check out the brand’s IRL studio.


“It was around 2007 when I was [the] head makeup artist on The word I TV series, and actress Mia Kirshner sat in my chair and told me that she would not use skin care or makeup that contains parabens, ”said JoAnn Fowler, founder of Sappho, at TZR. “I was aware of the importance of organic (without pesticides) from the information shared by [actor] Jennifer Beals, however, when Mia informed me of the EU movement to ban certain makeup ingredients that were linked to everything from cancer to endocrine disruption, I was intrigued. Fowler lost his mother to cancer, his brother had Hodgkin’s disease, and his sister had leukemia. So providing the world with safe and green products was (and still is) of the utmost importance to the makeup artist, which is why she started Sappho.

“Our mission is to bring the world high performing, organic, vegan and diverse beauty formulations that support a living and breathing world.” Its product line includes foundations, concealers, highlighters, lip glosses, eye shadows, and more.

Freck beauty

“Freck Beauty was born out of my lifelong obsession with freckles,” Remi, founder of Freck Beauty, told TZR. “I wish there was a more interesting story, but it’s the honest truth! From her love of freckles, Remi began to develop her flagship product, FRECK OG, for herself and her best friends. “I never thought, in a million years, that I would end up having a beauty brand, but along the way, I realized that the industry lacked an inclusive brand with an attitude that wasn’t following any rules – and that’s really how Freck Beauty came to it. ” In addition to its buzzy pen, the brand also offers basic skin care products such as cleansers, serums and masks.

Jecca Blac

Created by Jessica Blackler, Jecca Blac is a gender-less makeup line comprised of lipsticks, primers, luminous drops, sculpting palettes and sparkling jars. Pick up the brand’s sparkle drop for your rosy summer makeup looks.

Shop gay owned skin care brands

Botanical Noto

Founded by Gloria Noto in 2016, Noto Botanics offers a bit of everything from skin care and makeup to hair care. So if you’re not sure which brand to buy, go for the Essentials kits, which include their best-selling Deep Serum, The Wash, and Resurface Scrub.

Aging well break

Rochelle Weitzner created Pause Well-Aging to meet the needs of people with menopausal uteri. To make things easier, you can search the brand’s assortment of products by menopause concern, such as hot flashes, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, face lift and firming, blemish control, and dark circles.


In 2017, Jonathan Keren co-founded Maapilim with her husband Doron. “When we first launched Maapilim as a men’s skincare brand in fall 2017, our goal was to provide men with high quality essential hair and skin products,” Keren told TZR. “We thought men’s products and masculinity in general needed a new perspective. As consumers, we couldn’t find anything that looked like “us”. That is, something that was of high quality and that was not gender stigmatizing. “We felt that there were other men who were for the same thing and decided to build Maapilim for them and for us.”

Skin of Herals

Heraux Skin has only one SKU product – its powerful Heraux molecular anti-inflammatory serum. “After 10 years of research, we have discovered our proprietary HX-1 molecule, found exclusively in the molecular anti-inflammatory serum Heraux, specifically and uniquely targets inflammation by protecting skin stem cells from its effects,” Ben Van Handel, co-founder of Heraux and stem cell biologist at the University of Southern California, tells TZR. “We realized we could bring this technology to the world to help people a lot faster if we focused on skin care… and Heraux was born! “

Alder New York

Founded by Nina Zilka and David Krause in 2016, Alder New York is a queer and feminine skin and hair care brand based in Brooklyn. The brand’s products are designed for all skin types, ages, genders and ethnicities. Plus, its formulas are vegan and infused with plant-based ingredients such as vegetable squalane, marula oil, and marine plants.

Shop gay owned hair care brands

Malin + Goetz

Launched by partners Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz in 2004, Malin + Goetz is a New York-based hair, skin care and body care brand. Its hair care assortment – which includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, and styling products – works to treat your scalp and keep your hair looking and looking its best.

Kaleidoscope hair products

Launched in 2014 by hairstylist Jesseca Déquence, Kaleidoscope Hair Care is best known for its cult Miracle Drops (which are unfortunately sold out at the moment). The product works to remove excess buildup, stimulates hair follicles and adds shine. The next time you go to your local Target, keep an eye out for the haircare brand as you stroll the aisles. Oh, and be sure to follow the brand on TikTok as well.

Shop gay owned perfume brands


“Sigil represents the culmination of all my interests,” Kelly told TZR. “It is the intersection of a fascination with old world traditions, esoteric mysteries and the natural world. Growing up immersed in beauty and mesmerized by the narrative power of perfume – from its ornate packaging to the magnificent juice resting inside each bottle – I saw a gap in the market. At the time, Kelly says there was no fragrance brand that made luxurious, refined fragrances with 100% natural materials. Bonus: luxury perfume bottles will look so chic sitting on your nightstand.


Founded by Phil Riportella and Bryan Edwards, Snif is a gender-neutral fragrance brand designed with high quality ingredients. The best part? You can try her scents at home with her trial program.

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